MSA は大忙し!

MQQNEYES Space Agency (MSA-広告及び Website 等を行う部です) は大忙しです。 MQQN ILLUSTRATED Magazine Vol. 10 (MIM#10 10月22日 (月) 発売開始) を完成させたと思ったら MIM#10 と同時に進めてきた MQQNEYES USA の 2013年カタログの〆切も追って来ました。 MSA では MOON OF Japan, Inc. (MOJ) だけでなく、 MQQNEYES USA Inc. (MUI) の Website からカタログ、雑誌広告等 全ての広告業務を行っています。 MQQNEYES Space Agency (MSA - Advertising Dept.) has been super busy. MQQN ILLUSTRATED Magazine Vol. 10 (MIM#10) will release on Oct. 22 (Mon) was just completed and is currently at the printer. However, at the same time of making MIM#10, the MQQNEYES USA Catalog was started and the deadline is now. MSA handles not only MOON of Japan, Inc. (MOJ) but also takes care of MQQNEYES USA, Inc. (MUI) catalog, website and all advertising. MQQNEYES USA 2013 Catalog