なかなか思う様に進みません。 Chico's 533 Land Speed Roadsterの修理もあるし、 '40 Ford Pickup Project は Stop したままだし。 MQQNEYES Dragster を終わらせてなんてと思っていたら先月の Irwindale で 1964 Ford Fairlane は修理が必要な問題が発生、 そして Xmas Show では Nova の Head から異音発生と修理だらけです。 そんな中、 優先的に進めている Dragster の途中報告です。 Sometimes things don't proceed as smoothly you would think. There are repairs still going on with Chico's 533 Land Speed Roadster and the '40 Ford Pickup project is stopped too. The MQQNEYES Dragster was supposed to be completed last month but the 1964 Ford Fairlane had some problems come up at Irwindale. Then at the XMAS Show, strange noises started coming out of the Nova's heads so now that is going through repairs. dragster-1549 右側の Shaft の Bearing にはヒビがそしてシャフト自体も歪んでいました。 2005年の仙台の時の物か昨年のベルギーのか? ハッキリ分かりませんが見つかって良かったです。 The right side shaft bearing has a crack and the shaft itself is warped. I wonder if this was from the time I crashed in Sendai or was it from the crash at Chimay? I don't know for sure but I'm glad we found it. dragster-1666 Wheels もダメージがあったので只今違うの物色中です。 Engine は Oil Pan を交換すれば Almost Ready です。 The wheels were also damage so right now we are looking around. Once the engine and oil pan are exchanged, it will be Almost Ready. dragster-1667 Steering Shaft も以前は少々左側にずれていたのですが 今回真っ直ぐに直しました。 The steering shaft was a bit tilted to the left before. This time, we made sure it was perfectly straight. dragster-1668 dragster-1669 dragster-1670 フロントエンドはまだ修理中です。 The front end is still be repaired. dragster-1672 Body Cowl は Wildman に出張で描いて貰う予定です。 全部組み上がってからになりますから 何時でしょうか? The body cowl will get treatment by Wildman on his next USA Trip to Mooneyes USA. It will be the last thing to do once it's all together. When will that be? dragster-1675 見るからか心配だったフロントリムは何とかなり一安心 壊してばっかりでいると部品も無くなってしまいますね。 I was worried about the front rim, I guess because I saw it break. I keep breaking it and sooner or later there won't be anything to replace it with.