60s Mild Custom “Mild & Wild”

22nd Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2013のFeature Eventは 60s Mild Custom “Mild and Wild” と言うタイトルで
60s Mild CustomにSpot Lightを当てます。
Southern Californiaからは Starlite Rod & Kustom の製作した ギラギラ Ford & Olds がやって来ます。
60s Mild Customで今年のHCSはギラギラです!!
This year’s 22nd Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2013 featured section has been set as ’60s Mild Custom “Mild and Wild”. The spotlight will be focused on ’60s Mild Customs.
Special guest from Southern California will be Starlite Rod & Kustom with their dazzling Ford & Olds customs.

0220-01 0220-03

GOODYEAR Japan の 2013年のカレンダーです。

GOODYEAR Japan の 2013年カレンダー、 残念ながら販売はされていません。
This is the GOODYEAR Japan 2013 Calendar. Unfortunately, it’s not something they sold.

所で 12/8(日) に予定していました 22nd Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2013 は
会場との都合で 12/1(日) に変更となりました。
Speaking of calendars, the 22nd Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2013 was set for Dec. 8 (Sun) has been move up due to scheduling conflicts with the convention center.
The date for the show is Sunday December 1, 2013.
Sorry for the trouble and any confusion this may cause!


goodyear02 goodyear04 goodyear07 goodyear10 goodyear12

NHRA Museum MOON Exhibit Extended

MQQN Exhibit は3月中旬まで延長されました。
MQQN Exhibit extended until mid-March 2013.
Maybe the chance to see the original MQQNEYES Dragster and Devin-bodied MQQNBEAM in California.
Of course, you can also see the MQQNEYES Streamliner MQQNLINER and others as well as the historical showcase and memorabilia.

nhra-3160 nhra-3141

nhra-3147 nhra-3149

黒い El Camino

黒い El Camino の画像が送られてきました。
そうです例の 3年越しの Paint です。
I received a new photo of the black El Camino.
Yes, this is your typical 3-year paint job.

前のブログで書きましたが この Shop へ友人を通して車を出して約 9ヶ月経った昨年 12月の時点では
まったく出来ていなかったのが なんとたった 1ヶ月でこんなになりました。
I posted about this car in my blog. I let my friend paint it through a shop he knows and 9-months later, in December last year, nothing was done. But in the last one month, this much has been done to it.
In other words, there was no motivation to doing it before.
I am probably not the only one that experiences this.
However, how much longer will I have to wait for it to take shape?

Body が黒くなって来ました!
The body is starting to look black again!
How many more months will it take?

85-elcamino-02 85-elcamino-03
California の太陽の下ではよほど酷く無い限り奇麗に見えますね。
Picture of it when I first purchased it. (2008)
Do you think there was no need to repaint it?
Under the California sun it looks great though.

From MQQN Cafe, Italy

MQQN Cafe, Italy の Alberto からの画像です。
観光地で有名なベニスに近い MQQN Cafe, Italy がある Jesolo Beach で雪が降ったそうです。
USA 西海岸オレゴン州ポートランドとほぼ同じ緯度にあるのでした。

I received these photos from Alberto of MQQN Cafe, Italy.
Not far from the world famous sight-seeing city of Venice is Jesolo Beach, where MQQN Cafe, Italy is located. It snowed there.
“It actually snows in Venice,” was my first thought. Then I looked at a globe and realized that Venice is located on the same latitude as Hokkaido (the northern most island of Japan). Portland, Oregon (USA) is also close to the same latitude.
I’ve always assumed that Italy was a warm place but I guess I as wrong.

Gondolas of Venice

italy-0212-02 italy-0212-03
Usually crowded with tourists, Venice was relatively quiet.

italy-6120 italy-6133
With this snowfall, business is closed.

America’s Most Beautiful Roadster AMBR

2013年の AMBR – America’s Most Beautiful Roadster はコチラ。
Traditional な車が選ばれたのが嬉しいです。
This was the 2013 AMBR – America’s Most Beautiful Roadster award winner.
I was happy to see a traditional styled car selected.

DSC_0588 DSC_2798

DSC_0597 DSC_0590

DSC_0592 DSC_0589


DSC_0637 DSC_2832
こちらは Most 場違いって感じでした。 私的には大好きなんですが。。。

MQQN Machine @ GNRS2013

先週の 64th Annual Grand National Roadster Show で European Custom と言うカテゴリーで
“Class Participation” Award を頂きました。
どんな賞かと言うと 「参加賞」? と言っても貰えない人が大多数なのです。
1位は Mike Davis、 2位は Todd Asin, MQQN Machine も入れて 3台は昨年の HCS2012 参加 Bike でした。
Last week at the 64th Annual Grand National Roadster Show, I received a “Class Participation” Award for the European Custom category.
It sounds like everyone gets one but there are actually not a lot of people that receive it.
In the same category, Mike Davis won 1st place, Todd Asin came in 2nd and the MQQN Machine was 3rd which all three were shown at HCS2012 last year.

gnrs2013-1976 gnrs2013-1970

gnrs2013-0532 gnrs2013-2871

gnrs2013-1975 gnrs2013-0522 gnrs2013-241_2


1st Place was Mike Davis

2nd Place was Todd Asin

Dean and Sunset

この時期の Southern California の日没は17:30頃、 夕焼けの写真を撮っていると
Dean が French Fries を食べながら隣の Hamburger Shop から戻って来ました。
夕陽と Dean です。
This time of year in Southern California the sun sets at 17:30, so I was out taking pictures of the sunset when Dean came back from the Hamburger Shop eating French Fries.
Sunset and Dean.