Feels Like Old Times

20130319_103921 mqt2-6465 mqt2-6483 mqt2-6469 1960 VW T-II の看板が薄くなってきて 「いい感じで色があせてきたな」 と思っていたら 10年前に退職した Sugi Sack が 「駄目です。 看板なんだから」 って言うので 「じゃ直してくれよ」 って言ったのが昨年末。 本当に直しに来てくれました。 ありがとう! The painted logo sign on the 1960 VW T-II has worn over the years. I thought, "It's has faded very nicely," then realized it was painted about 10 years ago by the now retired Sugi Sack. He said to me, "It's a signboard, so it's not good to let it fade." My reply was, "Then fix it." That conversation was at the end of last year. Now he is here fixing it. Thank you! mqt2-6468 mqt2-wildman-sugisak dodgecamper