Mooneyes Sweden Bike Show

Moon Bike Show #3
3月2日に ムーンアイズ スウェーデンのバイクショー行いました。昨年と同じ場所、
チョッパー、 ボバーなどだけではなこ、 ビンテージレーサーまでも展示していました。
多く写真 (Wictor Bergqvist of をご覧になって下さい。

Thank you very much!
Hakan Johansson of Mooneyes Sweden

Moon Bike Show #3

The show took place on March 2, 2013 at the same place as last year, the amazing old building from the early 1800's that used to be an old steel mill. But once again we rolled in another kind of massaged steel; choppers, bobbers, custom bikes and even a few vintage races. So enjoy these great pictures taken by Wictor Bergqvist of
And next year come on out and join us!
Thank you very much!
Hakan Johansson of Mooneyes Sweden

swedenbike001 swedenbike002 swedenbike003
swedenbike004 swedenbike005 swedenbike014
swedenbike006 swedenbike007
swedenbike008 swedenbike009
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