Event のお知らせ/Event Information

Motorcycle Swap Meet 9月1日(日) お台場
All Odds Nationals 9月8日(日) お台場

If you haven't heard by now, we made announced the dates for two events coming up this year. It's a date change when compared to last year, however it's more like a date confirmation. It's been confirmed that the following two event dates will be held in Odaiba, Tokyo. Please update your calendars.
Motorcycle Swap Meet: Sept. 1 (Sun) in Odaiba, Tokyo
All Odds Nationals: Sept. 8 (Sun) in Odaiba, Tokyo

ところが 9月1日(日) はモテギで開催される Super American Sunday と被ってしまいました。
そして 9月1日(日) MOONEYES Area-1 の Sidewalk Sale もあります。
またこの週には東京ビックサイトで Gift Show も開催されます。
Busy week です。

While on the topic of events, on Sept. 1 (Sun) the Super American Sunday event held in Motegi is happening on the same day as the Motorcycle Swap Meet and in Honmoku at MOONEYES Area-1 we are also having our Sidewalk Sale. There is Gift Show going on in Odaiba that same weekend at Tokyo Big Site. It's going to be a very busy week.

ところで最近 街でよく見るようになった Fiat 500, Trim Ring, Speed Master Wheel and MOON Disc
By the way, I've recently seen an increase of Fiat 500 models on the streets. Trim rings, Speed Master Wheels or MOON Discs all match it very well.

Trim Ring を履いています。
欧州車に? なんて思ってはいけません。 いい感じです。
This one has trim rings on black stock wheels.
European car? Don't think about that. It still looks great.

こちらは MOONEYES Area-1 Super Manager 成田君の Fiat.
Speed Master Wheels、 似合っています。
Speed Master Wheels look really good with this car.

MOON Disc は車種をといません。 
永遠の MOON Disc です。 かっこいい。
MOON Discs are not model specific. They fit as long as it's the correct size. The immortal MOON Disc. Looks great.