Freeway I-5, 只今 Orange County と LA County の Border から LA 方面は拡張工事の為毎日の様に景色が変って行きます。
きっと数日/数ヶ月でこの Billboards も無くなってしまうでしょう。
そんな事で会社から South へ向かう Norwalk Blvd の入り口は閉鎖され、 迂回を余儀なくされています。
降り口、 乗り口の閉鎖は当たり前、 周辺の人々は大変です。
出来上がれば今迄3-4車線だったのが 6車線くらいになるのですから我慢ですね。

There's expansion construction going on right now on the I-5 Freeway heading into LA from the Orange County and LA Country border so the scene has been gradually changing. I'm sure in the next weeks to months, these billboards will also be taken down. Heading south from MOONEYES, the freeway entrance on Norwalk Blvd is closed so now I'm forced to detour and use another entrance. Of course it's inevitable, on ramps and off ramps will close, but it must be frustrating for local residents.
The construction is going to last for years too.
Once it is complete, what was once 3-4 lanes of freeway traffic will be increased to 6 or so lanes.

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