HCS2013 のステージ、 気付かれた方も多かった思います。
実は CKB Ken-san から頂戴した舞台セットを加工して使わせて頂きました。

The HCS2013 stage, perhaps there were some of you that recognized it. It was the backdrop for the Japanese group, Crazy Ken Band (CKB) while they were on tour. The lead singer Ken is from Honmoku and he gave it to us after their tour so we modified it to fit our stage for the show. It really changes the look of the stage. Very cool.

Area-1 Staff "The End" HCS2013 Photo Gallery
HCSをほぼ一人で取り仕切った Sumi "Pan" Kun

Not only the main person behind the scenes for HCS but Sumi "Pan" just about organized and managed the event single-handed.

hcs2013-pan2a hcs2013-pan2b
"Pantastic" MQQNEYES Staff Sumi "Pan" の Falcon も
Sugi Sack のピンストライプでエントリーでした。

MQQNEYES Staff Sumi "Pan" also owns a Falcon, now called "Pantastic" that was lettered and pinstriped by Sugi Sack.

月曜日は MQQNEYES Area-1 & MQQN Cafe で "Party after the Party" が開催されました。

The "Party after the Party" was held on Monday at MQQNEYES Area-1 & MQQN Cafe. Thank you for spending time with us.