異常なし/Nothing Abnormal

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日本では販売しなくなった Civic、 MQQN Racing Wheel を履かせてみました。
We decided to put 10-Spoke MQQN Racing Wheels on the Honda Civic. The Civic is no longer available in Japan.

Santa Fe Springs の Office に着いたら FEDEX が届いていました。
中身は JAL から搭乗マイルが 1,250,000 mile になった記念品でした。
1st Class Seat に使われているレザー作られたバインダーです。

When I reached the office in Santa Fe Springs there was a FEDEX package waiting for me. It was a leather binder from JAL as a gift for accumulating 1,250,000 miles. The binder is made out of the same leather used for their 1st Class seats. I wish they would put me on those leather seats instead.

山下公園の 1本裏通りにあるレストラン ホフブロウ

On a backstreet 1-block from Yamashita Park is a restaurant called Hof Brau. It has been a while since I went and was very nice.


I went in the evening for dinner and this was the scene.
So, I want to give them some publicity.ホフブロウ/161026600721183

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ここに来たら この「スパピザ」と下の 「ポテトサラダ」 これだけ食べれば十分です。
MOON Illustrated Magazine でも紹介していますので探して下さい。

If you eat here, you have to try their "Spaghetti-Pizza" and "Potato Salad" it's enough to fill you up.
This place was featured in MOON Illustrated Magazine too so please check it out.