Accident at the Show

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Pomona で開催された 65th Grand National Roadster Show での出来事。
搬入中、 所定のスポットに車を展示する際、 アクセルが戻らなくなり
人を跳ね、 ドアにぶつかり停止したそうです。
ショーを主催する立場ですが、 恐ろしい事故です。
車やバイクを運転する以上 起きてはいけない事ですが。。

There was an incident at the 65th Grand National Roadster Show held in Pomona. During the setup day inside one of the halls, as cars were being moved into their reserved spots, a car's throttle got stuck open. It plowed over a person and hit the doorway. Thankfully, the person that was run over did not have any life threatening injuries.
This is a dreadful accident for any show organizer.
Anything involving driving cars or bikes, it's something you don't want happening. But it's not unusual if it does.