at パシフィコ ヨコハマ

先週 パシフィコ ヨコハマで開催された “Nostalgic 2Days” で気になったのは
この Pontiac GTO と

There were a fwe things that stood out last week at Pacifico Yokohama during “Nostalgic 2Days”. This Pontiac GTO was one.

Mr. Blue のこの笑

Also Mr. Blue expression and lastly how quiet it was.
It was definitely very quiet.

This 週末

01img-40 02img-53

03img-64 04img-69
今日&明日 パシフィコ横浜 で開催される ノスタルジック 2Days に展示する 1964 Toyota Masterline Pick Upです。
会場で For Sale となります。

Today & tomorrow at Pacifico Yokohama the Nostalgic 2Days event is taking place. We’ll have this 1964 Toyota Masterline Pickup on display there.
It will be shown as For Sale during the event.

bn_nos2days_200_200 cruisenight0222
そして今晩は MQQNEYES Area-1 は Hot Rod Nite/Cruise Night です。 ゆっくり静かにお集り下さい。
4/13(日) 開催の 第28回 SCN の Swap Meet は定数一杯となり閉め切らせて頂きました。

And tonight at MOONEYES Area-1 is our Hot Rod Nite/Honmoku Cruise Night from 8PM. Head on down “quietly” and drop in for a cruise.
The Swap Meet vendor spaces for the 28th SCN scheduled to be held on 4/13 (Sun) is not full. Thank you for your registrations. We still have some room for cars though.

Hot Rod Razzle Dazzle

razzledazzle-march2 hotrodrazzledazzle0302
雪の影響で中止となった Razzle Dazzle は 3/2(日)に開催します。
当日、 Area-1 は恒例の “Sidewalk Sale (SWS)” も行います。

The heavy snow last week was the cause of the cancellation, but the Hot Rod Razzle Dazzle will take place on Sunday March 2, 2014 at Honmoku Hilltop Park (Honmoku Sancho Koen).
On the same day at MOONEYES Area-1 is our “Sidewalk Sale (SWS)” too.
We hope the weather will be nice.
Be sure to mark your calendar.

cruisenight0222 bn_nos2days_200_200
今週 土曜日22日は MQQNEYES Area-1 の Cruise Night.
ノスタルジック 2 Days」が開催されます。 MQQNEYES ブースは A-08 です。

This Saturday the 22nd is our Cruise Night at MQQNEYES Area-1.
On Saturday and Sunday this weekend at Pacifico Yokohama is the Nostalgic 2 Days event organized by Geibunsha focused on classic Japanese cars. The MQQNEYES Booth is A-08.
It’s going to be a busy weekend!

It Snowed Again!

先週は California に居たので運良く大雪を回避できましたが
まさか今週も雪、 それもまた大雪の予報です。

It’s snowing again.
Last weekend I was in California so I was lucky I missed the heavy snow.
However, it’s now snowing, and it’s forecast to be just as bad.


This is what it was like last weekend.

Sumi Pan君 の Falcon が遂に完成!
Pinstriped by Sugi-Sack.

Sumi Pan’s Falcon is finally complete!
Pinstriped by Sugi-Sack.

Pan君 興奮気味、 Tシャツです。

Pan was so excited, he was outside in just a T-shirt.

雪の為、 Shopは 3:00pm で Closed.

As a result of the snow, MOONEYES Shop closed at 3:00pm.
This is a photo of Yamashita Park as I passed through.

氷川丸、 USA から戦時中に没収された氷川丸の模型が日本に戻って来たと新聞に出ていました。

Hikawamaru. The newspaper reported that Hikawamaru was seized during the war by the USA. A replica has been built and returned to Japan.


Yokohama Ohsanbashi intersection


Yokohama Customs Agency


The snow is very deep.


The area near my house was as you can see, snow country.

2014 NHRA WinterNationals

Jim Dunn Racing/MQQNEYES Funny Car, NHRA WinterNationals
(2014年 初戦/First Race of 2014)

DSC_0739 DSC_0738
予選 12位通過
They placed 12th in the qualifying.

翌日の Eliminations 一回戦 4.03 sec. の Ron Caps に対し 4.09 sec. で負けました。
The next day during the first round of Eliminations, our 4.09 sec. run lost to Ron Caps 4.03 sec. run.




23rd Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2014

12月7日(日) 開催予定の 23rd Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2014 (HCS2014)
会場側との Meeting もほぼ終了、 色々と条件がついてきました。
かねてからの騒音の問題、 今回は遂にショー当日の日曜日はバイクの一般駐車場を無くし
搬入/搬出時は問題ありませんが 当日バイクで観に来る方々の駐輪場は用意出来ないと言う事になりました。

The 23rd Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2014 (HCS2014) is set for Sunday December 7, 2014.
We finished a meeting with the exhibition hall and there are a lot of restrictions/conditions now.
An ongoing issue over the years has been noise pollution and as a result, this year we will not be able to offer any customer parking for motorcycles on Sunday, the event day. Preventing motorcycles from coming around the exhibition hall is one of the conditions we have to meet in order to hold the event here.
During setup day (Sat) and clean up after the show, bikes will be permitted. However, we will not be able to offer any motorcycle parking to motorcyclists that come to the show on Sunday. This means the underground parking area will not be used for bikes anymore.


Saturday, May 10th at Irwindale Speedway にて MQQNEYES “Mother’s Day Show & Drag” を開催します。
今年一杯で閉鎖となるだろう (ほぼ決定) Irwindale Speedway の夏を楽しもうと言う企画です。
勿論 Rain or Shine です。 今から予定して下さい。

On Saturday May 10, 2014 at Irwindale Speedway, the MOONEYES “Mother’s Day Show & Drag” will take place.
At the end of this year Irwindale Speedway will close its doors (almost certain) so the plan is to have some fun this summer while we can.
Of course, this is a Rain or Shine event. Start getting ready now.

下記は 2014年 MOONEYES USA の主なスケジュールです。

2/6(木) – 2/9(日) NHRA Winternationals, Pomona, Jim Dunn Racing/MQQNEYES Funny Car
5/10(土) MQQNEYES “Mother’s Day Show & Drag” at Irwindale Speedway
7/12(土) MQQNEYES USA, Open House
8/9(土) – 8/15(金) Bonneville Speed Week
11/4(火) – 11/7(金) SEMA Show
11/13(木) – 11/17(日) NHRA World Finals, Pomona, Jim Dunn Racing/MQQNEYES Funny Car
12/13(土) MQQNEYES “The Last Show & Drag” at Irwindale Speedway

Here’s a look at the MOONEYES USA Event Schedule:
2/6(Thu) – 2/9(Sun) NHRA Windernationals, Pomona, Jim Dunn Racing/MQQNEYES Funny Car
5/10(Sat) MQQNEYES “Mother’s Day Show & Drag” at Irwindale Speedway
7/12(Sat) MQQNEYES USA Open House, Santa Fe Springs
8/9(Sat) – 8/15(Fri) Bonneville Speed Week, Wendover, UT
11/4(Tue) – 11/7(Fri) SEMA Show, Las Vegas, NV
11/13(Thu) – 11/17(Sun) NHRA World Finals, Pomona, Jim Dunn Racing/MQQNEYES Funny Car
12/13(Sat) MQQNEYES “The Last Show & Drag” at Irwindale Speedway

65th Grand National Roadster Show (GNRS)

America’s Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR) 2014 に選ばれたのは。
America’s Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR) 2014 was selecetd.

gnrs2014_76 gnrs2014_77
gnrs2014_78 gnrs2014_79
gnrs2014_80 gnrs2014_81
gnrs2014_82 gnrs2014_83
gnrs2014_84 gnrs2014_85
gnrs2014_86 gnrs2014_88

gnrs2014_89 gnrs2014_90 gnrs2014_94
America’s Most Beautiful Roadster 2014 Is Wes Rydell’s 1935 Chevrolet Phaeton!