That’s what the race is

4/27(Sun) JDDA主催のDrag Raceが仙台ハイランドで開催されました。
On Sunday 4/27 the JDDA sponsored Drag Race at Sendai Highland was held. Saturday was practice runs so we left Honmoku, Yokohama at 4:30AM!

Honmoku before daybreak

We made it there in good time driving up to Tohoku Express Way for about six hours.

レース場では いい感じです。
At the race area, everything was looking good.

2 old guys ready to run

The engine was strong, pulling hard and the front wheels off the ground.

Saturday, 2台とも結構Agressiveな動きです。
Saturday, both cars were running very aggressive.

なんて思っていたら Sundayの2nd RunでBurnout中「ボン!」とハイ終わり。
ご覧の通りです。爆発でOil Panが膨らんでいます。
All that said, on Sunday during my 2nd run, during a burnout I heard a POP! and it was all over.
As you can see, the explosion burst the oil pan.
I didn’t want to see what was inside…

It was over so we prepared to leave.
My best run was 10.45.

sendai_5368 sendai-542
お世話になったRace Family、カッコ良いね~!
Thank you to the Race Family for the support. Super cool!

Their daughter is also into it.

K-san ran at 11.21 for an overall victory.
He is now targeting 10-seconds.
They say 1 seond costs 1,000,000yen ($10,000).

帰り道, MQQNEYES Area-1のお客様をPass.
1968年以降のChevelleはMy Favoriteです。
We passed a MQQNEYES Area-1 customer on the way home.
There were a lot of Chevelles at the race.
My favorite Chevelles are 1968 through 1972.

A lot of people borrow tools so I put this on my tool box hoping to prevent tool loss.

週末は仙台/Sendai this Weekend

仙台ハイランドレース場は 9月で閉鎖されるそうです。

It’s been a long time but we’ll be in Sendai this weekend drag racing my 1969 Camaro.
Sendai Highland Raceway will close operations completely in September this year.

Snake & Mongoose DVD

Snake & Mongoose DVD観た?
折角 DVD が発売になったのに日本では観れない Region 1 と言う地域限定。
どうしても観たければ PC によっては Region 設定が代えられるので観れるそうです。
僕は自分の Mac で観ました。
或は Region Free の DVD デッキを買うか。

Have you seen the Snake & Mongoose movie on DVD?
It finally gets to DVD and because of playing restrictions made by the manufacturer it’s only available in Region 1 so many fans in Japan are unable to watch it. However, if you have a PC with a DVD player, it does allow you to switch region codes a couple times. Mac users too. There are also a lot of “Region Free” DVD players on the market now a days.

hcs2014-p1 bcnl
今年の HCS の合い言葉 ”Be Calm Not Loud” Shizukani にステッカーはもう持っていますか?
MQQNEYES Shop, イベント出店のMQQNEYESブースで配っています。

This year’s HCS key phrase is “Be Calm Not Lout” or Shizukani. Did you get your oval sticker yet?
You can get your from MOONEYES Shop, Area-1 or any event where you see a MQQNEYES Booth.

Sneak Preview of MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM)#13

MIM#13 の巻頭特集をちょっとだけ。

Here’s a little sneak peak at the first feature in the new MIM#13.
It will be available (for sale) at quality bookstores throughout Japan beginning May 1 (Thu)!! Ask your bookstore to stock it or order it from MOONEYES Shop!

28th SCN 無事終了/28th SCN Finished

scn2014-01 scn2014-02
USAのケーブルTV “Car Crazy”の収録も行われ何時かUSAで放映されるのでしょう。
あとは飲酒と道路でのLow RiderのHoppingとかが無くなれば大分落ち着いたイベントになると思います。

これからは Be Calm, Not Loud で行きましょう。


The 28th annual SCN is finished!
I think it was with everyone’s participation, the worries about the weather went away and we had excellent weather. There were families with young children to adults having a good day all day.
Compared to last year, the event area was smaller which turned out great as it wasn’t as tiring to cover the entire grounds.
There were a lot of USA cars and all very nice quality which was great to see.
The USA cable TV show, “Car Crazy” was filming the show too so we are looking forward to seeing it aired in the near future.
Thank you to everyone’s support to keep the area clean this year.
I think the only thing left would be to get rid of the alcohol drinking and lowrider hopping in the streets and the event would become a much calmer environment.
Thank you again for everyone’s support.

Let’s continue the “Be Clam Not Loud” motto.

The details and event report for SCN will be posted to our website very soon.

MIM #13 5月1日(木)全国書店にて発売開始!
MQQNEYES では少し早く発売開始。

2014年の Complete Catalog プラス 1950年代からの MQQN Vintage Clothing を一挙に公開。
Vintage Clothing だけの記事は沢山ありますが着用写真があるのはあまり見かけません。
Dean MOON が居たからこそ、残せた記録写真の数々を公開します。
価格は 900円、「え!980ではないの?」Yes, 900円(税別) に変更となりました。 

MIM #13 will be available for sale at all quality bookstores in Japan on May 1 (Thu)!
MQQNEYES shop will get it a little sooner.

MOON Illustrated Magazine Vol. 13 features cool articles including MQQN Vintage Clothing as well as the official 2014 complete catalog.
There are a lot of vintage clothing books and articles out there but this one features a lot of vintage photos with people wearing them. We used exclusive photos left behind by Dean MOON.
It’s worth seeing!
Price is 900yen (+tax)

明日は SCN


明日は 28th Annual Mooneyes Street Car Nationals “SCN” です。
ストカーではありません。SCN (SCN2014) です。
当日、 記念 Tシャツや復興支援ステッカーの販売もあります。
また今年のHCSのキャッチ “Be Calm Not Loud & Shizukani” ステッカーも配布予定です。
SCNも HCSもそしてどのイベントも マナーを守りみんなの協力で存続出来る様にしましょう。
HCSは 騒音が問題ですが SCNは 飲酒です。 飲酒して喧嘩したり、 運転するの止めてくれないかな~。
喧嘩も事故も無く、 楽しいイベントにして下さい。 ご協力宜しくお願いします。

Tomorrow is the 28th Annual Mooneyes Street Car Nationals “SCN” or #SCN2014.
It’s not “STO-KA” (a common way Japanese abbreviate is by taking the first syllable of a two words and combining them together). Tomorrow there will be a limited edition, event-only T-shirt for sale at the Mooneyes booth as well as a special benefit bumper sticker with proceeds going to charity. We’ll also be giving out free HCS2014 catch phrase sticker, “Be Calm Not Loud & Shizukani” to emphasize the issue about the show in December. Whether at SCN, HCS or any event for that matter, it’s always best to follow the rules and cooperate.
HCS has the noise issue right now and SCN has a alcohol issue. I hope no one is drinking and driving, or drinking and fighting, tomorrow.
No fighting, no accidents, let’s have a great time tomorrow and a memorable event.
Thank you for support and hope to see you in Odaiba, Tokyo!

scn2014-t-000_580 arigatai_580

bcnl-ster odaiba-map-parkng2014

桜満開/Sakura in Full Bloom

先週まで桜満開の Yokohama, Honmoku でした。

This was Honmoku, Yokohama last week while the Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) were in full bloom.

MQQN Exhibit is Over

NHRA Museum で2年と数ヶ月に渡り開かれていた MQQN Exhibit が遂に 3/30(Sun) をもって終了したので展示品とクルマを引き上げて来ました。
本来、 MQQNEYES Dragster と MQQNBEAM はそのまま Museum に残るはずでしたが次の企画にスペースが必要な為一時的に MQQNEYES、 SFS (Santa Fe Springs) へ引き上げて来ました。
何時まで 2台が MQQNEYES SFS に居るのか分かりません。
MQQNEYES Dragster が shop に戻って来たのは多分 30年振りくらいだと思います。
僕も MQQNEYES Dragster を Shop では見た事はありません。
MQQN Beam は 20年振りくらいだと思います。
今 MQQNEYES SFS には MQQNEYES Dragster、 MQQNBEAM、 MQQNLINER、 MQQN Trike、 MQQN Ramp Truck そして Dean MQQN’s ’34 Ford Roadster と Dean が所有していた全てがあります。

For over 2 years, the NHRA Museum displayed the MOON Exhibit. On Sunday 3/30, it came to a close so we went to pick up all the display items and cars.
Originally, the MQQNEYES Dragster and MQQNBEAM were to remain at the museum but their next exhibit requires space so for the time being we brought them back to MQQNEYES SFS (Santa Fe Springs). I don’t know how long the two vehicles will be at MQQNEYES SFS.
It’s been about 30 years since the original MQQNEYES Dragster has been at the
shop. I have never actually seen this one at the shop before.
I think it’s been about 20 years for the MQQNBEAM.
Right now at MQQNEYES SFS are the MQQNEYES Dragster, MQQNBEAM, MQQNLINER, MQQN Trick, MQQN Ramp Truck and Dean Moon’s ’34 Ford Roadster as well as all of Dean’s possessions.
This is probably the only chance ever to see these all here together at the same time.

MQQN Ramp Truck で Pomona へ向かう 10FWY.
右角にみえるのは 1990 SCN ステッカーです。
そうこのクルマ、 一時に日本で使っていたのです。

MQQN Ramp Truck heading to Pomona on the 10 FWY.
You can see the 1990 SCN (Street Car Nationals) sticker on the right.
At one time, this car was being used in Japan.

Ramp Truck を探している人が多いそうです。

There seem to be a lot of people searching for a ramp truck.


Dean MOON’s ’34 Ford Roadster

Dean Moon’s 1034 Ford Roadster

nhra_0004 nhra_0017

nhra_0071 nhra_0083

nhra_0091 nhra_0134


I recently changed the wheels on my El Camino.

Happy Wedding

Wedding Reception にお呼ばれされお邪魔して来ました。
BBQ Dinnerです。

I was invited to a Wedding Reception.
They had a BBQ Dinner.

happy-wedding-51 happy-wedding-50

happy-wedding-19 happy-wedding-49

happy-wedding-54 happy-wedding-52

happy-wedding-20 happy-wedding-52b

happy-wedding-26 happy-wedding-18


happy-wedding-08 happy-wedding-99
Born Free の主催者の Grant と Amy の結婚式でした。
Your Happiness is forever!

It was a wedding for Born Free organizer Grant and Amy.
Your Happiness is forever!