Snake & Mongoose DVD

dvig163-01 Snake & Mongoose DVD観た? 折角 DVD が発売になったのに日本では観れない Region 1 と言う地域限定。 どうしても観たければ PC によっては Region 設定が代えられるので観れるそうです。 僕は自分の Mac で観ました。 或は Region Free の DVD デッキを買うか。 良い内容だから是非観て欲しいのですが。。 Have you seen the Snake & Mongoose movie on DVD? It finally gets to DVD and because of playing restrictions made by the manufacturer it's only available in Region 1 so many fans in Japan are unable to watch it. However, if you have a PC with a DVD player, it does allow you to switch region codes a couple times. Mac users too. There are also a lot of "Region Free" DVD players on the market now a days. hcs2014-p1 bcnl 今年の HCS の合い言葉 "Be Calm Not Loud" Shizukani にステッカーはもう持っていますか? MQQNEYES Shop, イベント出店のMQQNEYESブースで配っています。 This year's HCS key phrase is "Be Calm Not Lout" or Shizukani. Did you get your oval sticker yet? You can get your from MOONEYES Shop, Area-1 or any event where you see a MQQNEYES Booth.