That's what the race is

4/27(Sun) JDDA主催のDrag Raceが仙台ハイランドで開催されました。 土曜日は練習走行が出来るので4:30amに横浜本牧を出発! On Sunday 4/27 the JDDA sponsored Drag Race at Sendai Highland was held. Saturday was practice runs so we left Honmoku, Yokohama at 4:30AM! sendai-549 夜明け前の本牧 Honmoku before daybreak sendai_5334 東北道を走り約6時間弱で仙台に到着です。 We made it there in good time driving up to Tohoku Express Way for about six hours. sendai-543 レース場では いい感じです。 At the race area, everything was looking good. sendai-538 走りますかとオジサン2名 2 old guys ready to run sendai-539 フロントも上がり気味で良いタイムが出そうな感じでした。 The engine was strong, pulling hard and the front wheels off the ground. sendai-537 Saturday, 2台とも結構Agressiveな動きです。 Saturday, both cars were running very aggressive. sendai-535 なんて思っていたら Sundayの2nd RunでBurnout中「ボン!」とハイ終わり。 ご覧の通りです。爆発でOil Panが膨らんでいます。 開けたくありませんね~。 All that said, on Sunday during my 2nd run, during a burnout I heard a POP! and it was all over. As you can see, the explosion burst the oil pan. I didn't want to see what was inside... sendai_5388 これで終わりとさっさと帰り支度です。 今回のベストは10.45でした。 It was over so we prepared to leave. My best run was 10.45. sendai_5368 sendai-542 お世話になったRace Family、カッコ良いね~! Thank you to the Race Family for the support. Super cool! sendai_5361 お嬢さんもご覧の通り。 Their daughter is also into it. sendai-534 なんとKijimotoさん11.21を記録し優勝です。 次は10秒台を狙うそうです。 1秒100万円ですね。 K-san ran at 11.21 for an overall victory. He is now targeting 10-seconds. They say 1 seond costs 1,000,000yen ($10,000). sendai_5400 帰り道, MQQNEYES Area-1のお客様をPass. 会場でもChevelleが多かったです。 1968年以降のChevelleはMy Favoriteです。 We passed a MQQNEYES Area-1 customer on the way home. There were a lot of Chevelles at the race. My favorite Chevelles are 1968 through 1972. sendai-532 色々な人が工具を使うと無くなるのでこうしました。 A lot of people borrow tools so I put this on my tool box hoping to prevent tool loss.