23rd Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2014


23回目になる今年の Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2014 の Theme (テーマ) は
1. “Enchanted World of Color”
2. “The Crown of Crown”
3. “The Digger Beat”
4. Custom Paint Contest “Sign of The Times”
5. “Quarter Century of Wildman”

The 23rd Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2014 themes are as follows:
1. “Enchanted World of Color”
2. “The Crown of Crown”
3. “The Digger Beat”
4. Custom Paint Contest “Sign of the Times”
5. “Quarter Century of Wildman”

その”Enchanted World of Color” Guest Car の1台が決定しました。
これから 6月下旬に掛けて Guest Cars and Bikes をお知らせして行きます。

One guest car has been confirmed for “Enchanted World of Color”.
By the end of June, we plan on having all guest cars and bikes confirmed and announced.

そして “Shizukani” キャンペーンへのご協力も宜しくお願いします。

Also, thank you to everyone for your support and consideration with our “Shizukani” Campaign.
On the day of the show (Sunday 12/7), there will be no general parking (underground parking) for motorcycles this year and vehicles will be restricted to minimize the noise around the exhibition hall (Pacifico Yokohama).

“Enchanted World of Color”
昨年の Theme (テーマ) 60’s Custom “Mild & Wild” の様に
会場に特別なスペースを設けカスタムペイントされた Cars and Bikes に Spotlight をあてます。
まだ時間はありますので素晴らしいペイントの Cars & Bikes 集まって下さい。
締め切りは 10月初旬を予定しています。

“Enchanted World of Color”
Last year’s theme was 60’s Custom “Mild & Wild” and this year we are having a special area in the show area for custom painted cars and bikes spotlight. There’s still plenty of time to get your car or bike ready for this year’s spotlight. We hope to fill the area up with both CARS & BIKES in vivid color.
Deadline for entry is the first week of October. Entry will start by the end of summer.

ironorchid_0171 ironorchid_0173

ironorchid_0175 ironorchid_3849

ironorchid_3850 ironorchid_3924

Wall Of Death

ドイツ Herten と言う街で開催された Kustom Kulture Forever で “Wall of Death” を初めて見ました。

In the streets of Herten, Germany at Kustom Kulture Forever I got to see “Wall of Death” for the first time.
I didn’t think much about it as the bikes were really fast but compare the car to the bikes, it was so slow I thought it was going to come falling down.
The whole time, no one wore helmets.

herten-230 herten-162

herten-192 herten-199


Wurzburg, Germany

Wurzburg の ホテルに到着したら MQQN ステッカーを貼った HD が、 早速オーナーに “Shizukani” ステッカーを差し上げました。
道は Split Window の T-1 も。

When we arrived at our hotel in Wurzburg, I saw this HD with a MQQN sticker on it. I immediately gave the owner a “Shizukani” sticker to go with it.
On the street was a slit window T-1.


germany2014-2 germany2014-3


MQQN Bug in Action

仙台で開催された Staging Lane 主催の VW Drag Race に MQQN Bug が走りました。
今回が初ランでした。 結果は 12.873sec 良い感じで Pro Gas Class で Semi Final まで
次は 6/1 (日) 富士 Speedway で開催される Ikura’s American Festival で走る予定です。

VW Drag Race event was held by Staging Lane this past Sunday in Sendai and the MQQN Bug got to race. Last year, it was overseas for about six months so it didn’t have an opportunity to race in Japan. This past weekend was its first time. The result was a 12/873sec best run in the Pro Gas class. It was a very good time although it only made it to the Semi Final round.
Next chance will be June 1 (Sun) at Fuji Speedway during Ikura’s American Festival.

DSC_0261 DSC_0263

IMG_4350 DSC_0266

DSC_0285 DSC_0286

DSC_0368 DSC_0373

MQQNBug T-shirt TM628 3,800yen / Size: S-XL

MQQNBUG T-shirt TM628 3,800yen / Size: S-XL

Mother’s Day Show

Mother’s Day Show and Drag, Mother’s Day の 1日前の土曜日に Irwindale Speedway で開催されました。
昨年の XMAS SHOW が雨だったのと Irwindale Speedway が今年で終わりと言う事だったので最後だから
2回やろうと言う事になったのですが どうやら Speedway は 2015まであるそうです。
次は7/12(Sat) MQQNEYES USA “Open House” Limited Edition Chico’s Burgers 200食限定Freeです。
XMAS SHOW は Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2014 (12/7) の次の週、 12/13(土) です。
その前に NHRA World Final では MQQNEYES Funny Car が走ります。
もう 5月、 12月はすぐそこです。

The Mother’s Day Show and Drag was held a day before Mother’s Day at Irwindale Speedway.
Last year, it rained during the XMAS SHOW and Irwindale was set to close their doors at the end of this year so we thought, why not have two events this year. As it turned out, the speedway will remain open for 2015.

Our next event is the MOONEYES OPEN HOUSE featuring limited edition Chico’s Burgers on Saturday July 12 at our shop in Santa Fe Springs.

It’s already May, next thing you know it will be December!

001-DSC_0175 002-DSC_0219 004-IMG_5607 005-IMG_5611 006-IMG_5620 007-IMG_5658 008-IMG_5650 009-IMG_5668 010-IMG_5672 011-IMG_5674 012-IMG_5678 013-IMG_5723 014-IMG_5622 015-IMG_5641 016-IMG_5646 017-IMG_5647 018-IMG_5679 019-IMG_5692 020-IMG_5697 021-IMG_5707 022-IMG_5716 024-IMG_5426

MQQN Garage

Original MQQNEYES Dragster & MQQNBEAM、 まだしばらくの間 MQQNEYES USA で見る事が出来ます。
Southern California へお越しの際は是非お立ち寄り下さい。

The original MOONEYES Dragster & MOONBEAM will remain at MOONEYES USA for a little while longer.
If you are heading to Southern California, by all means, please stop by the shop for a tour.

Again! A Swingin’ Night at MQQN Cafe

A Swingin’ Night at MQQN Cafe
5/16(金), 2回目の “A Swingin’ Night MQQN Cafe” を開催します。

The 2nd “A Swingin’ Night at MQQN Cafe” will be on Friday, May 16 at MOON Cafe in Honmoku, Yokohama.





Cragar S/S Wheel

永遠の名作と呼ばれる Cragar S/S Wheel ですが最近のモデルは形が微妙に違っています。
70年代、 Cragar S/S は日本でホイルメーカーの Toppy で 14X6 のみ販売していましたが他のサイズは取り扱い無く (と思う)、
行って見たの物はトレーラーでも Cragar S/S を履いていると言う衝撃的なシーンでした。
その Cragar S/S の形が変ってしまったのです。

A serious matter.
The Cragar S/S Wheel often referred to the immortal masterpiece has slightly changed in recent times. Back in the ’70s, the Japanese manufacturer Toppy made and sold Cragar S/S wheels in 14×6 only (I believe), it was one of the reasons why I went to Southern California looking for the wheels. When I was there, I even saw a trailer with Cragar S/S. It was a shocking scene for me.
Now, the Cragar S/S wheel has changed in shape.
This is shocking.

Old Model: Spokeに丸みがあります。

Old Model: The spokes are rounded.

New Model: SpokeがFlat気味です。

New Model: The spokes are now flatter looking.

Old Model: 裏側です。

Old Model: view from the inside.

New Model:新旧が分かりにく場合は裏側を見た方がハッキリします。

New Model: To recognize the difference of the old and new style it’s easy to see from the inside.

New Sign

今回は投石等に強いと言われている Polycarbonate で作りました。
照明も LED に変更、 Update されました!

During the month of March 2014, a rock was thrown at the sign in front of our shop. We finally had the sign switched. The new sign is made of polycarbonate which is supposed to be stronger and help defend itself from flying rocks etc.
We also used LED for the illumination back lighting. Finally updated!
newsign-295 newsign-293

これは Shop 裏の通路でトラックに載っているパレットが燃えトラックのタイヤも爆発!

This is a photo of a truck parked in the pathway behind the shop. The palettes in the back caught fire and even burst one of the truck tires!
Possibly caused by the heat?