Hot Rod Custom Show Information/情報

先週末、California で開催された Born Free #6 での HCS2014 への Invite Bikes が決まりました。 この 2台が HCS2014 にやって来ます。 9月に開催される Brooklyn Invitational からも 1台、 HCS2014へ invite 計画を今調整中です。 Last weekend in Southern California was Born Free 6 and 2 more bikes were confirmed for HCS2014. The following bikes will be coming to Yokohama for HCS2014 on December 7, 2014. The Brooklyn Invitational will be held in September this year and we are working on a plan to invite one bike from that show. DSC_1603_2 DSC_1384_2 Born Free 6 - Best in Show Award Winner Going to Japan. Owner's name is Brent Rogers. Bike was built/finished by Kiyo's Garage. Paint was by Bill Carter, same painter as our Triumph "MQQN Machine". DSC_0873_2 DSC_0189_2 SUNRISE CYCLES/Kosuke He won Invited Builders' Choice Award/MOONEYES PICK Award. Going to Japan