World Finals

今週末から開催される予定だった Bonneville “World Finals”も 夏の Speed Week に続き 雨の為中止となってしまいました。
挑戦は 2015年までお預けとなりました。

This weekend, Bonneville “World Finals” was scheduled to continue summer’s Speed Week has been canceled due to continued rain.
Now we have to wait until 2015 for the next challenge.

幻となった Bonneville 2014, 記念 T-shirt & Sticker Setで発売中です。

Now just an illusion, we still have Bonneville 2014 limited edition T-shirt & Sticker sets on sale.

“World Finals” でもこちらは NHRA です。
11/14(金)~11/16(日),Pomona, CAで開催される NHRA “World Finals” に Jim Dunn Racing/MQQNEYES Funny Carが走ります。

Also known as “World Finals” this here is NHRA.
The Jim Dunn Racing/MQQNEYES Funny Car will run during NHRA “World Finals” taking place from 11/14 (Fri) through 11/16 (Sun) in Pamona, CA.

MQQNEYES Pick at Brooklyn Invitational Motorcycle Show

Yokohama にやって来る最後の一台が決まりました。
先週末 New York, Brooklyn で開催された The Brooklyn Invitational Custom Motorcycle Show で
MQQNEYES Pick に選ばれた Paul Wideman, Saint Louis, Missouri の Chopper です。

We have finally confirmed the last bike that will come to Yokohama this year.
Last weekend in Brooklyn, NY was The Brooklyn Invitational Custom Motorcycle Show and the MQQNEYES Pick went to this chopper built by Paul Wideman from St. Louis, Missouri.

IMG_0972 IMG_0989

IMG_0986 IMG_0963

IMG_0980 IMG_0982

左から 3人目がこの Chopper を製作した Paul Wideman,
そして Show を運営しているメンバー達です。

The one who built this chopper is Paul Wideman, 3rd from the left.
Others in this photo are members that manage this bike show.

Tom Fugle, 彼もやって来ます。
Tom Fugle will come to Yokohama too.

Tom’s Chopper.

All Odds Nationals in Odaiba

aon2014poster aon2014-map
明日は、 東京お台場の青海駐車場 (昨年と同じ場所) で
第17回目ALL ODDS Nationals (AON2014) 開催致します。
いろんな国産車、 そしてフィーチャーカーのクラウンが沢山集まってきます。
スワップミート ベンダーはいろんな物を販売し、楽しい一日を過ごせることでしょう。

Tomorrow in Odaiba, Tokyo at Aomi parking lot (same place as last year) the 17th Annual ALL ODDS Nationals (AON2014) will be held.
There will be a lot of Japanese domestic cars on display as well as a great selection of featured Crowns.
I’m sure there will be some interesting items sold by the swap meet vendors as well.

brooklyn hcs-crown
今回私は同じ日に New York で開催される Brooklyn Invitational というバイクショーに参加してます。
このイベントで HCS2014 MOONEYES PICK として選ばれた一台はとしてゲストバイクとして来日します。

「Best of Pre The Crown of Crown」アワードを選びます!
ぜひ、 明日はお台場へ遊びに来て下さい。

On the same day, I’ll be in New York attending the Brooklyn Invitational bike show. At this event, one bike will be selected for the MOONEYES PICK award and that bike will be invited as a guest to Japan for HCS2014.

However, in real time, I will be receiving photos and information about the featured Crowns at AON2014 while I’m in New York so that I can pick the award for “Best of Pre The Crown of Crown”!
I hope everyone is able to make it to Odaiba tomorrow.
Everyone that is going, drivers too, please travel safe. Have a great day in Odaiba.


9/14(日) 宇都宮市「みずほの自然の森公園」開催された 7th Annual Classic Automobile Road Show (CARS) にお邪魔して来ました。
晴天に恵まれ多くのクルマが集まっていました。ここではイベントに参加していた Toyota Crown の 40, 50 and 60系を紹介します。
来たる 9/21(日) は 17回目になる All Odds Nationals (AON) が東京お台場で開催されます。
CARS へ行った方達も是非遊びに来て下さい。

On 9/14 (Sun) in Utsunomiya (Tochigi) at “Mizuho no Shizen no Mori Koen / Mizuho Natural Forest Park” the 7th Annual Classic Automobile Road Show (CARS) was held.
Blessed with fine weather, a lot of cars gathered. At this event, here are some of the Toyota Crowns (model 40, 50 and 60 series) that were on display.
This coming Sunday on 9/21 is the 17th Annual All Odds Nationals (AON) held in Odaiba, Tokyo. I hope all the people that were at CARS will join us there.
We will be waiting at in Odaiba!

crown01_0848 crown01_0869
crown01_0874 crown01_0911

crown02_0786 crown02_0792 crown02_0850
crown02_0870 crown02_0871 crown02_0872

crown02_0873 crown02_0875 crown02_0879
crown02_0881 crown02_0883 crown02_0884
crown02_0885 crown02_0886 crown02_0904

crown03_0785 crown03_0808 crown03_0809
crown03_0818 crown03_0876 crown03_0877

Pony Car

縁あって 1968 Cougar XR-7 が港町-神戸から港町の横浜へやってきました。
1968~の Nova もそうですが Cougar もそんな 1台、 4~5年 Cougar を探していましたが

It was possibly fate that brought this 1968 XR-7 from the port city of Kobe to the port city of Yokohama. This is something I had no interest in when I was younger but now that I’m older I have grown to like it more and more. I felt the same way about 1968-1974 Novas.
I have been searching for a Cougar for 4-5 years as these cars are very hard to find.


This is a magazine ad from back in those days.

cougar_676 cougar_680 cougar_679

こちらは Pomona で For Sale だった 1968 Cougar です。 $18,000 となっていました。
左右の Hidden Light Cover が少し下がっています。
Cougar は Front Grille 廻りがチグハグになったのが多いですがこのクルマは比較的まともです。

This is a 1968 Cougar I saw for sale in Pomona. The seller was asking $18,000.
You might notice, the left and right hidden light covers are slightly off.
It’s common to see the front grille area of Cougars having mismatched parts but this is quite normal.

Motorcycle Swap Meet

お知らせ: HCS2014 ベンダーブースのエントリーは閉め切りました! リザーブリスト作ります。 これからの申し込みの方はお問い合わせください。
NOTICE: HCS2014 Vendor Booth space entry is not full. Please send in your entry forms to get on the waiting list. Contact us for more information.

9/7(日) に開催された 9th Annual Motorcycle Swap Meet は一日中雨でした。
来場された皆様、 エントリーして下さった皆様ありがとうございました。

The 9th Annual Motorcycle Swap Meet was held on 9/7 (Sun). It rained all day.
The past couple years, this event has been so hot that there were a few people that possible suffered heatstroke. But this year it rained.
To all the spectators that spent the day with us and all the vendors, thank you very much.

5:00 am at Honmoku.

Honmoku at 5:00AM.
It was raining!

msm2014_8617 msm2014_8702

msm2014_8792 msm2014_9052

msm2014_9101 msm2014_9107

msm2014_9218 msm2014_9302

msm2014_9334 msm2014_9373

msm2014_9388 msm2014_9572

msm2014_9720 msm2014_9826

MOONEYES AREA-1 Blog – Motorcycle Diary

23rd Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2014 エントリー受付を開始 soon!

9月9日(火) 遂に 23rd Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2014 のエントリー受付を開始します。
Webでの開始時間はMQQNEYES Area-1 開店と同じ午前11:00からとなります。
「取っておく事」はキャパシティー上 公平さを守るために出来ません。
特に Vendor Booth, Motorcycle Entry は早い時期に一杯になってしまいますので早い対応をお願いします。

今迄 30,000円だった Collectivities Alley のエントリー代を Vendor Booth を同じ 52,000円に値上げさせて頂きました。
本来の Collectivities Alley の目的は作品を発表してもらう空間でしたがココ数年、販売目的のブースが増えたため Vendor Booth と同じ扱いに変更しました。


前売り券 10/1日 から http://mooneyesshop.jp、 MQQNEYES Area-1 & MQQN Cafe and MQQNEYES の Friend Shops (商品取り扱い店)、 チケットぴあローソン、 ローチケ.comFami パスイープラス 購入できます。


Starting on Sept. 9 (Tue), entry forms to the 23rd Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2014 will be available for download. You will also be able to apply/register online from our website (in Japanese) starting at 11:00AM – the same time MOONEYES Area-1 Shop opens in Honmoku, Yokohama. This year, once your form is submitted, you will have 10 days to make payment in full. If you fail to make your payment, your entry form will be void/canceled and you will have to resubmit from the beginning.

If you are registering from abroad, we will contact you and confirm your registration and total amount due via email. You will have 10 days to make your payment via PayPal once the email is sent. Be sure your email filters do not block emails from shop@mooneyes.co.jp. The reason we put a time limit is to give everyone a chance to register. Space for show cars, show bikes and vendors is limited and will sell out. So, as long as you make your payment right away, you will have nothing to worry about.

Advance tickets to the show will go on sale starting October 1 (Wed) from our website http://mooneyes.jp.

There have been price changes as you will see. Collectivities Alley is now the same price as a vendor space at 52,000yen. All prices have been adjusted accordingly as Japanese Consumption Tax was raised earlier this year. Thank you for your understanding and support.

If you have any questions, please email us (shop@mooneyes.co.jp).

横浜グラフィティ / Yokohama Graffiti

僕らの 5~10歳年上にあたる方々の青春時代の Yokohama が描かれた

Yokohama Graffiti showcases and highlights the ’60 era culture in Yokohama when people 5-10 years older than me were in their youth. If you like ’60s era culture, you might want to check this out!