MQQNEYES Pick at Brooklyn Invitational Motorcycle Show

Yokohama にやって来る最後の一台が決まりました。 先週末 New York, Brooklyn で開催された The Brooklyn Invitational Custom Motorcycle Show で MQQNEYES Pick に選ばれた Paul Wideman, Saint Louis, Missouri の Chopper です。 We have finally confirmed the last bike that will come to Yokohama this year. Last weekend in Brooklyn, NY was The Brooklyn Invitational Custom Motorcycle Show and the MQQNEYES Pick went to this chopper built by Paul Wideman from St. Louis, Missouri. IMG_0972 IMG_0989 IMG_0986 IMG_0963 IMG_0980 IMG_0982 IMG_1026 左から 3人目がこの Chopper を製作した Paul Wideman, そして Show を運営しているメンバー達です。 The one who built this chopper is Paul Wideman, 3rd from the left. Others in this photo are members that manage this bike show. IMG_1028 Tom Fugle, 彼もやって来ます。 Tom Fugle will come to Yokohama too. IMG_0922 Tom's Chopper.