jakarta_198 jakarta_199 飛行機の遅れなどがあり本牧出てから約18時間、 やっと目的地 ジャカルタの隣りジョグジャカルタに到着、 タクシーでホテルに向かう途中 隣りを走行するトヨタ車 (Toyota Kijang)、カッコイイ。 1998年頃のだそうです Shop Van に欲しい。 There were some delays with our flight so it took about 18 hours after leaving Honmoku but we finally made it to Jogjakarta, the city next to Jakarta. On our way to the hotel was this cool looking Toyota Kijang driving next to us. It's probably a 1998 model year or so but I want this as a Shop Van. jakarta_203 jakarta_215 jakarta_216 jakarta_217 kustomfest2014 See you at KUSTOMFEST 2014 - KUSTOM RULE!