30th Anniversary One Low Street Roller Car Club

One Low Street Roller VW Car Club の 30周年記念 Partyが東京 横田基地前にある DEMODE Diner で開かれました。 まだ元町 MQQNEYES が Open する前、 MQQN Disc を side で販売していた頃からのお客様で彼らが居なかったら今の MQQNEYES は無かったかもしれません。 Car Club は沢山ありますが継続するのは大変です。 これからも活動し続けて下さい。 来年2016年、 SCN も MQQNEYES も共に 30年を迎えます。 One Low Street Roller VW Car Club celebrated their 30th anniversary this past weekend with a party at Demode Diner outside of Yokota AB in Fussa, Tokyo. They were a customer before MQQNEYES opened shop in Motomachi, when I was still selling MQQN Discs on the side. If it wasn't for them, MQQNEYES might have never existed. There are a lot of Car Clubs but to keep one going this long is difficult. I hope they continue for many years to come. Next year (2016), it will be SCN and MQQNEYES 30th anniversary. onelow-9019 onelow-9022 onelow-9032 onelow-9098 onelow-9115 onelow-9127 onelow-9168 onelow-9175