KUSTOMFEST 2015 Indonesia

kustomfest2015-930 先週末、インドネシアのジョグジャカルタ (ジャカルタから飛行機で 1時間) で開催された "4th Annual KUSTOMFEST 2015"。 MQQNEYES Pick に選んだのはこの 1967 Ford Maverick. Front Bumper は Mustang, Mercedes の Headlamp, Porsche の Bucket Seat, Trim は Black Out されなかなかの出来映えでした。 驚く様な Custom Bike は沢山ありますが 昨年まで車は今一つだったのですが今年は奇麗な車が増えて来た感じがしました。 Last weekend in Jogjakarta, Indonesia (about 1 hour by plane from Jakarta) the 4th Annual KUSTOMFEST 2015 was held. The MQQNEYES Pick award went to this 1967 Ford Maverick. Front bumper is Mustang, Headlights are Mercedes, Porsche bucket seats and all the trim was blacked. It was well built and the results were effective. It's really amazing how many Custom Bikes are at this event but up until last year the cars at this event still had a long way to go. However, this year there were more cars and the build level and quality was much higher.   kustomfest2015-853 kustomfest2015-926 kustomfest2015-229 kustomfest2015-230