nbhd-yokohama1 nbhd-yokohama2 Pacifico Yokohama と赤レンガ倉庫の間に 新しい商業施設 "Marine and Walk" が先週末オープン、 東京の Neighborhood New Store も Open しました。 A new boutique mall called "Marine and Walk" opened last weekend in between Pacifico Yokohama and Yokohama Aka-renga (Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse). One of the store there is Neighborhood from Tokyo.   nbhd-yokohama3 開店記念限定のコラボレーションTシャツは土日の2日間で完売してしまったそうです。 さすがです。 今年の HCS にお越しの際は是非こちらをお尋ねください。 They made a limited edition grand opening collaboration T-shirt that sold out within the first two days on Saturday and Sunday. As one would only expect. If you are heading the HCS this year, be sure to stop here for a visit.