5/21(土)に山梨県河口湖近くで開催された A-Day に行ってきました。
今回は Bike 5台です。

On Saturday May 21, we headed out towards Fujikawaguchiko to attend A-Day (motorcycle swap meet). There were five of us on bikes.




MQQNEYES Staff の “Sunny” Yano, いつもトラブルに見舞われますが今回は快調です。

MQQNEYES Staff “Sunny” Yano whom always experiences some kind of trouble was running in great harmony for a change.


I was the one taking photos so they were basically all like this.
I don’t have the courage like others to ride and take selfies.

“Gin” Maeda, これちらも快調です。

“Gin” Maeda was also running in good order.

IM Factory, Owner いつも同走して来てくれます。 ありがとう。

IM Factory, Owner always comes with us for rides. Thank you.

Sport は Kijimoto-san

Kijimoto-san on the Sportster

Hi Ace も快調です (当然か?!)

The Hi Ace was also running very good (that’s natural?!)

この辺から自分の Panhead がくしゃみをしだしました。

At this point of our road trip, my Panhead started to sneeze.

会場について Push Rod を外してみるとなんと。

We pulled off the push rod after we arrived at the event location.
It was the end of my bike touring adventure.

まさ朝早かったので Gin Maeda君 に横浜に戻って貰い、 Dually を持って来てもらいました。

In the early morning, Gin Maeda headed back to Yokohama to bring the Dually.

この Dually もう 20年になりますが、 手放せない 1台です。
H-D 2台積んでも大丈夫。

This Dually is already 20 years so, but it’s one I can’t let go of.
Loaded two H-D bikes without a problem.

最近はバイクを運ぶ事が多くなった Dually です。

Lately, the Dually has been hauling bikes a lot.
It’s been a lot more active than a long time ago.


The drive home.

Sunny Yano は無事に A-Day の往復は出来ましたが翌日からの社員旅行で伊豆に向かう際こうなりました。

Sunny Yano made it to A-Day without any issues. However, the next day on the way to our company trip to Izu, this is what happened to his front hub.
Luckily, while rolling forward at a gas station, it snapped. It’s a good think there was no accident.

最後は今月末には入荷する MQQNEYES Reg. Tag Sticker とそれを貼る Bracket です。
愛車の車検月の Sticker を貼って下さい。

Lastly, coming in at the end of this month are these MQQNEYES Reg. Tag Stickers and bracket. You can put these on your car or bike. Looks real cool.


来年 25周年目を迎える MQQNEYES USA は只今 Re Paint中です。

Currently getting repainted, MQQNEYES USA will celebrate its 25th Anniversary next year, after it was officially reopened.



MQQN Equipped/Reyn Spooner Shirt

MQQNEYES 30周年記念の MQQN Equipped/Reyn Spooner Shirt が入荷しました。
今回は Black ベース に Off White カラーの Eyeball です。 限定 250枚。
XS ~ 2X、少し大きめですから 普段 M の方は S でも着れるかもしれません。
前回のシャツは Made in Korea でしたが 今回のは made in Hawaii, USA
その為の定価も高くなりました。 プライドの 1枚です。 金額の事は気にしないでください。
今なら全サイズあります。 お早めにお求め下さい。
また長い間品切れでした White ベース & Black Eyeball も XS ~ 2X まで全サイズ入荷しています。
Pride を買ってください。

Online Shop (JA): http://www.mooneyesshop.jp/product/9297

Online Shop (JA): http://www.mooneyesshop.jp/product/6819

Celebrating MQQNEYES 30th Anniversary, the MQQN Equipped/Reyn Spooner shirt is now in stock. This limited edition shirt has a black base with off white colored eyeball pattern. Only 250 made and will sell out.
Sizes are XS through 2XL. Compared to Japanese sizes, they are slightly bigger so if you normally purchase a Medium, we recommend a Small.
Last time, these were made in Korea. This time, they are made in Hawaii, USA.
Proudly made in USA. This is one you don’t want to miss.
If you plan on purchasing, please do not wait as quantity is limited and will sell out.
At the same time, we also have the white version back in stock. These are also made in Hawaii. White base with black eyeball pattern. Sizes XS through 2XL.
Purchase with pride.

Online Shop (EN): http://www.mooneyes.jp/product/8950

Online Shop (EN): http://www.mooneyes.jp/product/3374

30th SCN Done!

30回目のSCN, 快晴の中、無事終了しました。

The 30th SCN, under clear skies, finished without incident.
In 1987, I was 30 years old when I started this. Now I’m 60.
Everyone ages over time and this event has been like a reunion each year and it’s very pleasing to meet up each year here.
I hope to see you all again next year at SCN.

5/16(月)1日遅れで30周年記念のMQQN Equipped/Reyn Spooner Shirts 入荷しました。
元の輝きを取り戻しVW T-IIと苦楽を共にした
現スタッフのGin 前田、今はイベントを手伝ってくれる
元スタッフの Hilo 和崎 & Chow 長島(敬称略)

On Monday (5/16) a day late, the 30th Anniversary MQQN Equipped/Reyn Spooner shirts arrived in stock.
The VW T-II was brought back to it’s bright shiny new look again and Staff Gin Maeda, event helpers/former staff members Hilo Wazaki & Chow Nagashima pose in front. With their assistance this event is possible.

1回目の Award Car がその時の MQQN Disc と共にエントリーしてくれました。
1987年当時、 だれが Masterline Pick Up の Chop Top を想像したでしょうか?

This was an award car at the 1st SCN in 1987. They entered again this year for the 30th anniversary event with the MQQN Disc award they received. In 1987, who would have thought of a Toyota Crown Masterline pickup with a chopped top? It’s still very impressive to see.

Wildman になる前の Wildman が書いた最初の MQQN Disc Award.

This is a MOON Disc award Wildman painted before Wildman was Wildman.
Priceless item.

My 1/2 Hemi、 岡崎の Fellows さんが綺麗に直して持って来てくれました。

My 1/2 Hemi. Mr. Okazaki from Fellows has restored it back to perfect condition.

大事に所有してくれているGlory Rod.

Here’s another old car a Nissan Gloria, Glory Rod, that’s been well kept and taken care of by Prince/Nissan specialist Barracuda.jp.

MQQN Glow は個人のオーナーさんが大事にしてくれています。

This Mitsubishi Debonair I had called “MQQN Glow” has been taken good care of by a private owner.

こちらも個人のオーナーさんが SCN に合わせて綺麗にしてきてくれました。

This is also a private owner and cleaned it up for SCN.

1回目の SCN の時、 センセーショナルだったのは名古屋から
エントリーの Car Club「Pharaos」、 彼ら無しには SCN も
MQQNEYES も語れません。

A sensational appearance at the 1st SCN all the way from Nagoya was the Car Club Pharoas. They entered this year too for the anniversary. Without their support, SCN and MQQNEYES would not have known.

ショーも終わりほっとするショー進行役の Pan君

Show director Pan-Sumi feeling the relief after the event was over.

会場の外を警備してくれたのは Blue Panic Security Team
彼らの Help 無しに MQQNEYES 主催のイベントは開催できません。

A huge thank you to the Blue Panic Security Team. They took care of the perimeter and show car entrance. Without their support the MQQNEYES events would not be complete.
Thank you very much.

そして本牧に戻り、Bar MQQN Garage でお疲れ様です。
Finally, at the end of the day back in Honmoku, Yokohama, our set up Bar MQQN Garage.
The red faces are from sunburn during the event.


明日は30回目のSCN/SCN2016 Tomorrow

明日は遂に 30回目を向かれる SCN です。
会場では 05/17 に 30周年を迎える MQQNEYES の記念商品を販売します。
残念ながら 30周年限定の MQQN Equipped/Reyn Spooner シャツは間に合わないかもしれません。
さっき Hawaii から今 FedEx した連絡がありました。
MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) #17 も会場で発売開始です。
Metal Flake Octagon Steering Wheel もです。
沢山の New を楽しみにご来場下さい。

Official Homepage: http://www.streetcarnationals.com/

Finally the wait is over. Tomorrow will be the 30th Annual MQQNEYES Street Car Nationals in Odaiba, Tokyo. I hope that everything goes smooth and safe with no accidents and we all enjoy the day together.

Unfortunately, we planned to have a 30th Anniversary MQQN Equipped/Reyn Spooner shirt available for sale at the event but it looks like it will not make it in time. We just received an update from FedEx that it left Hawaii.

We will have a limited number of the new MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) #17 for sale to kick off its release at the MQQNEYES Booth. We’ll also have the all new Metal Flake Octagon Steering Wheels for sale. Please be sure to stop by the MQQNEYES Booth to see all the new items available.

I hope to see everyone at the event location in Odaiba, Tokyo. There will be some heavy traffic and setting up the car show will take longer than usual this year because of the number of registered vehicles. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Please bare with us during this time. Thank you for your cooperation. Let’s have a great time in Odaiba, Tokyo at SCN2016.

Official Homepage English (Map/Directions): http://www.streetcarnationals.com/en/

30th SCN


MQQNEYES の T-2 も予定通りの進行です。
今回の SCN はエントリーも沢山、 会場はパンパン状態が予想されます。

車の片側を上げて走ったり、飛んだり しそうな知り合いの方がいたら
5/15(日)はやめてくれ と優しくお伝えください。


A few more days before the 30th SCN in Odaiba, Tokyo.
The MQQNEYES T-2 is going as planned too.
The number of entries for this year are more than ever before so the event area will be completely full. We please ask for your cooperation as it will take a long time to get the cars situated and all in the right place. Thank you for your patience.
It’s the 30th Anniversary this year. Let’s all enjoy the day together and have a great time.
Also, for drivers and cars outside the perimeter of the event, please be sure to refrain from getting crazy on the streets and if you know of anyone like that, please let them know not to do it around the Odaiba, Tokyo area on Sunday May 15 near our event. Thank you very much. We appreciate your support.

Hope to see you all there.

5/15(日)は30回目のSCN / May 15 (Sun) is the 30th SCN


詳しい SCN2016 イベント情報は Official Website へ:

SCN (SCN2016) will be held on Sunday May 15, 2016 in Odaiba, Tokyo. Then on Tuesday May 17, 2016 MQQNEYES in Japan celebrates its 30th Anniversary. The 30th Annual/30th Anniversary, be sure to head over to the MQQNEYES booth and check out the limited edition 30th Anniversary items that will go on sale beginning that day.
Hope to see you all there!

Please view the official website for complete details about SCN2016:

30th-sticker cm135-000 CS028-000

fm151-000 fm152-000 mg742ye-000

mg130bk30-000 mg130gcbk30-000 mg057bk30-000

mg743-000 mg744ye-000 mg745-000

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