Ride Free Show #7 in Taipei, Taiwan

ridefree-01 11/06日(日) は台北で開催された Ride Free Show #7 に参加しました。 We participated in Ride Free Show #7 in Taipei, Taiwan on Sunday 11/06.   ridefree-02 ridefree-03 MQQNEYES Booth の隣は台湾の最南端 高雄市で MQQNEYES Dealer をやっている LOTTO Motorcycle Shop です。 Next to the MQQNEYES Booth was LOTTO Motorcycle Shop, a MQQNEYES Dealer located in Kaohsiung which is the southern top of Taiwan.   ridefree-04 この Pontiac でライドイン I got to sit in this Pontiac for the ride-in. ridefree-05 ridefree-06   ridefree-07 Wildman が選んだ Best Helmet Contest Winner This helmet was selected by Wildman as the Best Helmet Contest Winner.   ridefree-08 どこへ行っても人だかりです。 女性 2人は朝から終わりまでズーと Wildman のピンストライプを観ていました。 The entire place was crowded. The two girls in front of Wildman watch him pinstripe from the morning until the very end of the event.   ridefree-11 MQQNEYES Pick は I.M.P. Custom が制作した Yamaha に決定しました。 The MQQNEYES Pick decision went to I.M.P Custom for their Yamaha build. ridefree-09 ridefree-10