The last blog post for 2016

2016年、MQQNEYES JPN は 30周年、 SCN も 30周年、
Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show は 25回目を無事迎える事が出来ました。
そして 31回目の SCN は 2017年5月14日にお台場で開催です。
26th Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show は 12月3日(日)開催が決定しました。

2017年、 MQQNEYES USA が 25周年となります。

さて 2005年6月から続けてますブログですが 2017年1月から毎週土曜日 Only の配信となります。

では皆様 良いお年をお迎え下さい。

In 2016, MQQNEYES JPN celebrated its 30th Anniversary. SCN also celebrated its 30th Anniversary. Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show (HCS) celebrated its 25th Anniversary without any issues.
Thank you all very much.
And, the 31st SCN is scheduled for May 14, 2017 (Sun) in Odaiba, Tokyo.
The 26th Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show is confirmed for December 3, 2017 (Sun) at Pacifico Yokohama.

MQQNEYES USA will celebrate its 25th Anniversary in 2017 since reopening.

On a side note, since June 2005 I have posted twice a week to this blog. Beginning in January 2017, I will post once a week on Saturday only.

I hope everyone has a safe and pleasant New Year holiday.
Thank you for 2016.
We are looking forward to a great 2017.

Happy Holidays!
Go! with MQQN

ThanQQ you for all your support throughout 2016.

Shige 菅沼

Merry Christmas


On behalf of MQQNEYES, we wish you a very Merry Christmas.
Happy Holidays!!

Christmas Dinner

muiparty mojparty
2週間続けて MQQNEYES の Christmas Dinner でした。
12/11, MQQNEYES USA at Clearman’s North Woods Inn Restaurant.
12/18, MQQNEYES Japan at YC&AC.
12/3 の HCS2016, Little Get Together Party から続いたお祭りごとは 12/18 の MQQNEYES Japan の Christmas Dinner を経て 12/31 New Year’s Eve カウントダウン BBQ で終わりです。

お知らせ: 恒例の 12/31 New Year’s Eve カウントダウンは 30回目の今年を持って終了となります。

There were MQQNEYES Christmas Dinners for two weekends in a row.
On 12/11 MQQNEYES USA had Christmas Dinner at Clearman’s North Woods Inn.
On 12/18 MQQNEYES Japan had theirs at YC&AC.
From Saturday 12/03 at HCS2016 Little Get Together Party continued through 12/18 with MQQNEYES Japan Christmas Dinner and we’ll finish up with 12/31 New Year’s Eve Countdown BBQ at MOONEYES Area-1.

Notice: The yearly 12/31 New Year’s Eve Countdown will be the 30th time it has been held and this year will be the last one.

Christmas is Just Days Away


One week until Christmas!


Irwindale Speedway の閉鎖話は何年も続いていますが取り敢えず 2017年は開催が可能な様です。

Although this event has been know to get rained on from time to time, last year did not and luckily this year saw no rain again.
Rumors and talks about the closure of Irwindale Speedway have been circulating for a number of years now and still continue. However, for what it’s worth, we received approval to hold it here next year in 2017.

001-1111774 002-1040322 003-1040328 004-1111843 005-1040343 006-1040245 007-1040373 008-r6k8179 009-1112052 010-1112057 011-1112207 012-1112332 013-1112336 014-1112127 015-1040588 016-1112118 017-1112410 018-0726 019-1112164 020-0192

Thank you for spending the day with us!

25th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2016

25th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2016 (HCS2016)

The 25th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2016 (HCS2016) finished without a hitch. At this point, we have not heard of any major issues. Thank you to everyone for your continued support and making this event a success.

Photo Courtesy by 63 Family Sedan

This is an aerial photo of the the area around Pacifico Yokohama. As you can see, it’s surrounded by condominiums. There are also a few under construction too.
Photo Courtesy by 63 Family Sedan

MQQNEYES Boothで大人気だった MQQN Super Antenna Ballの元です。

A super popular feature at the MQQNEYES Booth was the MQQN SUper Antenna Ball. This is a shot of it before it was completed.

03_0552 04_0553
発案企画は一番忙しい Pan Sumi君。
忙しのにEye Ballも自分で描いてました。

Pan Sumi was really busy with the idea and planning.
He even had to paint he Eye Ball.


At the show with family.

06_0131 07_0125
ショー前 1週間、みなとみらい線、みなとみらい駅でショー宣伝を展開

One week before the show, at Minatomirai subway station on Minatomirai Line we did a show advertisement.

Prisoner シャツ 限定販売

Limited edition Prisoner shirt box


There was so much going on during HCS.
Thank you all for spending the day with us.


10_8524 11_8523

草分け Pinstriper の一人、エナメル氏(左)も久しぶりに参加! Reunionです。

One of the pioneer pinstripers in Japan, Enamel (pictured left). It’s been a long time since he participated in our show. Thank you for the reunion.

Thank you BBQ at MOONEYES Area-1

HCS2016 Entry from Overseas

今年は海外から通常エントリー車 1台、バイク 9台もあります。
車はオーストラリアから 1台、
バイクはマレーシア 1台、インドネシア 1台、タイ 1台、オーストライア 6台です。

ゲストバイクとして台湾からも 1台来ます。

This year there are 9 bikes and 1 car show entry from abroad. The car is from Australia and bikes include 1 from Malaysia, 1 from Indonesia, 1 from Thailand and 6 from Australia. All of them are show quality entries.

In fact, this year we have one guest bike from Taiwan. It’s truly an international show this year. We are getting very excited here.
See you at Pacifico Yokohama!

au01 au02
(2 bikes from Australia)

au03 au04
(2 bikes from Australia)

au05 au06
(2 bikes from Australia)

(1 bike from Malaysia)