Christmas Dinner

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2週間続けて MQQNEYES の Christmas Dinner でした。
12/11, MQQNEYES USA at Clearman’s North Woods Inn Restaurant.
12/18, MQQNEYES Japan at YC&AC.
12/3 の HCS2016, Little Get Together Party から続いたお祭りごとは 12/18 の MQQNEYES Japan の Christmas Dinner を経て 12/31 New Year’s Eve カウントダウン BBQ で終わりです。

お知らせ: 恒例の 12/31 New Year’s Eve カウントダウンは 30回目の今年を持って終了となります。

There were MQQNEYES Christmas Dinners for two weekends in a row.
On 12/11 MQQNEYES USA had Christmas Dinner at Clearman’s North Woods Inn.
On 12/18 MQQNEYES Japan had theirs at YC&AC.
From Saturday 12/03 at HCS2016 Little Get Together Party continued through 12/18 with MQQNEYES Japan Christmas Dinner and we’ll finish up with 12/31 New Year’s Eve Countdown BBQ at MOONEYES Area-1.

Notice: The yearly 12/31 New Year’s Eve Countdown will be the 30th time it has been held and this year will be the last one.

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