明日がイベントだと言うのにPowder Coatに出したシャーシーがまだ来ません。

Tomorrow is the event but, chassis that went to Powder Coat is not here yet.

白髪オヤジ2人で 取り敢えず 磨いておきます。

So, for the time being 2 silver hair old men will be polishing.


Powder Coat したフレームの色が日に日に薄れてきたので
再度 Powder Coat に出す為に Dragster をバラバラにしました。
フレームが Powder Coat から戻って来たらすぐに組み込みです。

The powder coated on the chassis has slowly faded by being in the sun day after day.
In order to get it powder coated again, the MOONEYES Dragster was taken apart.
As soon as it returns with new powder coating, it will be put back together.



Early 60s の写真です。

This is an early ’60s photo.


Last Sunday

梅雨入り前の日曜日、モテギではVWのDrag Raceが開催され、鈴鹿ではStreet Car Nationalsが開催されました。

Sunday before the rainy season, Drag Race for VW was opened at Motegi and Street Car Nationals was opened at Suzuka.
Rainy season has started in Kanto Area.

M-2/MOONEYES Die Cast Model

M-2 Die cast ModelからMQQNEYES 仕様の1/24 VW T-I & T-II が発売になりました。
ebay等に出ているの色違いの物はWalmart Exclusive/ウォールマート限定商品です。
その中に” Chase Model”と言う特別な物があり、なかなか手に入らない為、
下記モデルの”Chase Model”と呼ばる物は ブラックホイル + イエローティンテッドウィンドウ が付いています。
中々複雑なModel Carの様です。

MOONEYES specification 1/24 VW T-I & T-II is released from M-2 Die case Model.
Some people might already know it, from ebay.
Item that is in other color seen in ebay and other websites is Walmart Exclusive/Walmart Limited Item.
You can only get it at Walmart.
Generally color below is the one that can be purchased.
Within there is a special one called “Chase Model” and it is really rare so, it is set in high price at ebay.
“Chase Model” has Black Wheel + Yellow Tinted Window of model below.
It seems quite complex Model Car.
Following to VW, about 6 types of 1/64 model will be release after August.