Wildman’s 30th

1989年Goshoyama 8 (御所山 8番地にStudioが有りました)から始まった
Wildmanの “Free Hand and Brush Work” は 2019年、30年を迎えます。
一言に30年と言ってもWildmanに言わせれば「ついこの前の事」かも知れませんが30年, 歴史です。
そして28th Annual HCS 2019では Wildman’s 30 Years of “Free Hand and Brush Work” を Tribute します。


Started from 1989 Goshoyama 8 (There was a Studio there)
Wildman’s “Free Hand and Brush Work” will reach 30th anniversary in 2019.
In a word, 30years is just the other day for Wildman but, 30years is a history.
Is it possible to collect all the designs drawn in the 30 years?
We are planning to make a Commemorative Book, and starting to work for it.
And we will Tribute Widman’s 30 Years of “Free Hand and Brush Work” in this year’s 28th Annual HCS 2019.

For 30years, it’s wonderful that he has been “Healthy”, has endless ideas and that he like Die-cast models without losing its interest.

Bonneville Speed Week

2019 Bonneville Speed Weekに MQQNEYES Staff “Sunny” Yanoが挑戦です。
Bikeは既に横浜港を出てLong Beach港へ向かっています。
今 Bonnevilleは雨が溜まっているそうですが まだ3ヶ月はあるのでDryになるでしょう。

MQQNEYES Staff “Sunny” Yano is challenging the 2019 Bonneville Speed Week.
The Bike is already departures the port of Yokohama and heading to the port of Long Beach.
Now, Bonneville seems to have been raining but, it will probably be dry as it has still 3 months to go.

MOONEYES Int’l MAGAZINE 2019 Summer 

昨年より年1回の発行となった、MOON Int’l Magazine は現在鋭意製作中!

MOONEYES Int’l Magazine 2019 Summer is currently working hard to finish and from last year it is published once a year.

書店での販売はございません。MQQNEYES Dealers, MQQNEYES Area-1, MQQN Cafe and 通信販売で購入出来ます。


It is not available at a public book store. It is available at MQQNEYES Dealers, MQQNEYES Area-1, MQQN Cafe and our Online Shop.

Schedule to release in late May! Please look forward to it!

“HMK” Tag

What’s HMK?

HonmokuのHとMとKを並べて、略して “HMK”
MQQNEYES Area-1で販売されているYokohama関連の衣類等に付いています。

Lining up Honmoku’s H, M, and K, for short “HMK”
It is on the clothing related to Yokohama, sold at MQQNEYES Area-1.
On the backside, there is some space to write a short message, which can be useful for gifts.
Don’t forget “HMK”.

9/07(土) 東京、お台場近郊で 第22回 All Odds Nationals & 第5回 Crown Classics Reunion 開催決定!!

Information: Saturday 7th of September at Tokyo, near Odaiba 22nd Annual ALL ODDS Nationals & Crown Classics Reunion will be held!!
Details will be announced SQQN. Please mark your calendar.