#115 Streamliner

整備と修理の為、#115 Streamlinerが一時的にMQQNEYES USA へ戻って来ました。

#115 Streamliner temporarily returned to MQQNEYES USA for maintenance and repair.

今年のBonneville Speed WeekにMQQNEYES Japanの Staff “Sunny” Kyohei YanoがこのBikeでChallengeします。

For this year’s Bonneville Speed Week, MQQNEYES Japan Staff “Sunny” Kyohei Yano will challenge with this Bike.

Bon Odori Festival

At YC&AC Field
August 3rd, Saturday and August 4th, Sunday
5:00pm – 9:00pm

8月3&4日(土日) 5:00pm~9:00pm Yokohama Country & Athletic Club (YC&AC)で
42nd International Bon Odori Festival が開催されます。

On August 3rd and 4th (Saturday & Sunday) from 5:00pm ~ 9:00pm, 42nd International Bon Odori Festival will be held at Yokohama Country & Athletic Club (YC& AC).
There will not be parking at the venue so, please use the parking near the venue.

This is one of the largest event of the summer.
Invite your family and friends for a traditional Japanese dance and yatai (food stall) to enjoy the weekend!

Open House

週末のOpen Houseに向けて大片付け!
今年はChico’s Burgerもあります!

Major cleanup for Open House on the weekend!
While cleaning, I cannot move forward when I have something that just stops.
If you come near, please come and visit.
This year there will be Chico’s Burger!

ガレージを掃除していると あれもこれも と色々あるので進行が遅いです。

While cleaning the garage, there are this and that and many other things and make the cleaning slow.

埃を取ると1949年 Russetta Timing AssociationのTrophy(右)が
“D MOON, 3rd Place A Coupe 113.20mph 6-26-49” とあります。
左は1950のHutters Car ClubのTrophy.

When I wiped off the dust, 1949 Russetta Timing Association Trophy (Right),
and written “D MOON, 3rd Place A Coupe 113.20mph 6-26-49”.
Left is 1950’s Hutters Car Club Trophy.


It’s endless when I am looking at it.

結局今日は終わりませんでしたので 明日も続きます。

After all, I didn’t finish by today so, it will continue tomorrow.

Buy, Sell and Trade 1st Annual Surf City Market Place by MQQNEYES At Oiso Long Beach

MOONEYES が新たに提案する Swap Meet Event
Buy, Sell and Trade 1st Annual “Surf City Market Place”(SCMP) by MQQNEYES を
Car & Motorcycle Parts, USA雑貨, 古着、Clothing, Vintage & Antique Items などなど
沢山のShop が Surf City Market Place に集まる Special な 1Dayとなります。

会場内に Parking Space (一般駐車場(有料))がございます。
Good Location の大磯 Long Beach に ご自慢の Car & Motorcycle で Cruise がてら是非お立ち寄りください。

MOONEYES is newly introducing the Swap Meet Event, which is the Buy, Sell and Trade 1st Annual “Surf City Market Place”(SCMP) by MQQNEYES at Oiso Long Beach on Sunday 6th of October! Car & Motorcycle Parts, USA goods, Secondhand clothing, Clothing, Vintage & Antique items, and more other Shop will gather at the Surf City Market Place and make a Special Day. Swap Meet By the Sea! Special Day.

There is Parking Space(Toll Parking Lot) in the venue. Please come and visit Good Location Oiso Long Beach while your cruise with your Car & Motorcycle.

Advance Entry Registration is needed for Swap Meet Booth.