MOON DISCS for Cadillac ATS

1950年代から現代まで HOT ROD ムーブメント、
カスタマイズドの世界においてシンプルなデザインが愛される MOON DISCS。

写真の Cadillac ATS のような現行車にも MOONEYES USA にてスペシャル オーダーで製作が可能です。

HOT ROD movement from the 1950’s to Now,
MOON DISCS is loved by the customized world with its simple design.

It is fixed with Zeus fastener and, MOON DISC like the modern car Cadillac ATS in the picture
can be made by Special Order at MOONEYES USA.

特殊な形状のホイルに MOON DISCS を装着希望の方は、MOONEYES までご相談ください。

Please contact MOONEYES if you want to get the MOON DISCS for a specific shape wheel.

1st Annual MQQNEYES Spring Get Together Show and Drag

Saturday, March 14th 2020
Fontana, CaliforniaのAuto Club Dragwayで
1st Annual “MQQNEYES Spring Get Together Show and Drag” を開催します。

Southern California のBlue Skyの下での1日を楽しみに来ませんか?

詳しくは: http://mooneyes.com/mooneyes-spring-get-together-2020/

Saturday, March 14th, 2020
At the Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, California.
1st Annual “MQQNEYES Spring Get Together Show and Drag” will be held.

Let’s enjoy the special day under the Blue Sky of Southern California.
Fontana is located 1 hour East from LAX.

For more detail : http://mooneyes.com/mooneyes-spring-get-together-2020/

Buy, Sell and Trade 2nd “Surf City Market Place”(SCMP) by MQQNEYES

昨年 MOONEYES が新たに提案した Swap Meet Event、
Buy, Sell and Trade 2nd “Surf City Market Place”(SCMP) by MQQNEYES を
今年は 4月19日(日)に前回と同じ大磯ロングビーチで開催します。

Swap Meet Event that MOONEYES newly offered last year.
Buy, Sell and Trade 2nd “Surf City Market Place”(SCMP) by MQQNEYES
will be held again on April 19th(Sun) at the same place as last year, Oiso Long Beach.


Car & Motorcycle Parts, 雑貨, 古着、Clothing, Vintage & Antique Items などなど沢山のShop が Surf City Market Place に集まる Special な 1Day。
Swap Meet のエントリー受付開始は、1月17日(金)を予定しています。
詳しくは近日 MOONEYES Official Website で発表しますので、そちらをご確認ください。

会場内に Parking Space (一般駐車場(有料))がございます。
早速 カレンダーにマークして Good Location の大磯 Long Beach に
ご自慢の Car & Motorcycle で Cruise がてら是非お立ち寄りください。

The Special 1Day which Shop of Car & Motorcycle Parts, general goods, old clothes, Clothing,
Vintage & antique Items and more will gather at the Surf City Market Place.
Registration for the Swap Meet is scheduled to start on January 17th(Fri).
Details will be updated soon on MOONEYES Official Website so, please check it there.

There is a Parking Space (Toll Public Parking Lot) in the venue.
Mark your calendar for March 29th(Sun) and come and
visit the Good Location Oiso Long Beach with your Car & Motorcycle.

昨年の Event Report はこちら

You can see the Event Report from Last year HERE!!

Happy New Year!

🎍 Happy New Year! 🎍

皆様 新年明けましておめでとうございます。

MQQNEYES Area-1では 1/02(木) 新年恒例の福袋の販売をお行いました。

第34回 Street Car Nationals の会場はまだ決まっていません。
進展あり次第 Website等へ掲載致します。


On January 2nd(Thu) at MQQNEYES Area-1, we had the New Year annual Fortune Bag.
Although it starts at 12, thank you for coming in the early morning.

The venue for 34th Street Car Nationals is not decided.
If there is any movement to it, we will announce it on our website.

Let’s Go! with MQQNEYES for 2020.

New Year


Happy MQQN New Year.
Let’s Go! with MOON for 2020.