Day 19, Temporarily Closing

取敢えずMQQN Cafeは To Go(テイクアウト)と テラス席での提供 を

We are still temporarily closed according to the request for self-restraint.
Initially, it was until 5/06 … but, it is extended!
Nothing can be done!
For the time being, MQQN Cafe is preparing to reopen from
May 8th(Fri) for To Go(Take Out) and serving at terrace seat from 12:00~18:00(Last Order 17:30).

Social Distance 距離を取りましょう。

Social Distance Keep a distance from each other.


It is a good opportunity to paint the dirty walls clean.


We have set the anti-scattering partition


It’s not CQQL but, it is for safety.


Carefully cleaning the dusty Neon Sign.


Anti-scattering partition also at the counter.
However, we are still deciding if we should make the counter seat available or keep a space and use it.


There are lots of items coming in regardless of the temporary closure so,
we have many items.


The faded sign is also repainted.

YENC magazine入荷しました!(ちょっと蜜ですね)

YENC Magazine is in stock! (Everyone is a bit close)

Online Shop にて 3,000円(税別) 以上お買い上げの方に、YENC Magazine & IGNITE Magazine を希望者全員にプレゼント!

バイクビルダーを中心に日本が誇るアーティストを世界に紹介しカスタムカルチャーに新しい風を吹き込む YENC Magazine と
ホットロッディングやドラッグレースなど、USモーターカルチャーのカッコ良さと真実を正しく衝撃的に伝える IGNITE Magazine。
2冊の Special の雑誌をチェックして、Stay at Home な時間をお楽しみください!



If you use more than 3,000yen(excl. tax), you can get the YENC Magazine & IGNITE Magazine for FREE!

YENC Magazine brings a new wind to the Custom Culture introducing mainly the Bike Builders and Japanese Artists to the world.
And IGNITE Magazine will deliver the truth and CQQLNESS of the US Motor Culture directly with an impact.

Check both of the Special Magazines and, enjoy your Stay at Home time.

※Limited Quantity, the campaign will end when all the stock is gone.

If you would like to get the Magazine, Please mention in the inquiry column that you want to get the magazine.

MQQNEYES Area-1 and MQQN Cafe 本牧-横浜で雨が降っている時にお越しい頂いたお客様で
3,000円以上お買い上げの方にWildman 石井デザインの特別ステッカーを差し上げています。
本牧-横浜に向かっている途中は雨だったけどMQQNEYES Area-1 or MQQN Cafeに着いた時は晴れちゃった言う場合は

We are giving Wildman Ishii Design Special Sticker to people who came to MQQNEYES Area-1 and MQQN Cafe and
use more than 3,000yen(excl. tax) when its raining at Honmoku Yokohama.
When it was raining on the way to Honmoku Yokohama, but it went sunny when you arrived at MQQNEYES Area-1 or MQQN Cafe.
Please wait until it rains.

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