WildmanのSigns and Pinstriping Studioはここから始まりました。

Wildman had some work to do at Goshoyama, so I went there for the first time in a while and
found that the exterior of the building had been changed to a very colorful one.
It’s not Wildman that painted the building. We don’t own this place so, the owner painted.
This building is rent over 30 years from 1989 until now.
Wildman’s Signs and Pinstriping Studio has started from here.
At once there was about 20 staff but, it is quiet now.
It is used when there is work for a large car.

Yellow, Blue, Purple and White!


The exterior has been changed, but inside is space where time has stopped.

64 T-IIはスタッフの居眠り運転で全損になり今は無いのでこの写真は古いです。

Recently it was an exterior like this but…
The 64 VW T-2 was a total loss by a staff member who fell asleep during a drive and
it’s gone now, so this photo is old.

かつてのMQQN Woody工房もそのままです。

The former MQQN Woody workshop is left as it is.

30年間溜まりに溜まった物です, いつどうやって片付けますか?

Things that are piled up for 30 years. How and when should it be cleaned?


The former office is like this.


2F is like this.


Well used mailbox.

ガラクタをどうするか? これからの大きな課題です。

It has to be cleaned at some point.
I got depressed and left the place.
What to do with the junk? It’s a big challenge for the future.
There’s not much time left.

MQQN Equipped


まずはFuel Blockを使ったSpark Plug Standです。

I will be introducing two new MQQNEYES items.

First is Spark Plug Stand which is using the Fuel Block.
It’s an item that should have been there already.

“URN” 辞書を引いてご確認ください。

It has been secretly demanded so, for this time we made a sticker.
Please LQQK it up in the dictionary “URN”.
It is for your loved ones.

Safe at Office

COVID-19で出張に出る事も無く時間があるので 今まで手が回らなかった所を片付けています。
これ以上物を増やしたく無いと思っている矢先ある所からWurlitzer Juke Boxが届きました。

Due to the COVID-19, no business trip and, I’ve got some time so I’ve been working on cleaning things which I haven’t gotten around to doing.
Just when I thought I don’t want to add more stuff, Wurlitzer Juke Box arrived.
It was so big so, space was limited for display and as a result, I asked our staff to bring it up to the Office on the 3rd Floor.

早速 電源を入れてみると所々電灯が点きません。

When I turned on the power, the light did not come on in some places.

蛍光灯が数本切れていたのでHome Centerで調達。

Some of the fluorescent light was dead so, we got them at Hardware Store.
The short one was available in Japan but the long one(image) was not available in Japan so, I’m going to order it from the USA.


I decided to wait for the long ones to arrive from the USA
And for now, I put in the Japanese ones to light up.

Juke BoxをOfficeへ入れるので左の背の高いデイスプレー(TIMEX)に細かい物を入れてスペースを確保。

Since the Juke Box in moved to the Office, I have put in some small things in the left tall display(TIMEX) to save the space.

Juke Boxも収まりましたが、まだ縦両側はまだ蛍光灯が入っているだけなのでカラーにムードがありません。

Juke Box is now settled but, it doesn’t have a mood because there is only fluorescent light installed on both vertical sides.

Juke Boxを一周するバブルの一部がまだ修復出来てないのでUSAから入荷すればほぼ完成です。

Finally, the regular fluorescent light arrived, and when I install it ……
WOW! compare the image with the previous one. Now it’s moody.
The part of the bubble that surrounds the Jukebox is still not repaired so if it comes from the USA its ready to go.

次はOfficeの隣がPan-kunのデスクです。片付けで放り出されたBudweiser Woody 蛍光灯。

Next is Pan’s desk beside the Office. It is Budweiser Woody fluorescent light that was left from the cleaning.
When I noticed it was hanged from the ceiling.
From where I’m standing, it is hard to know where the desk is.
Various designs are created from here.
The bike in the front is for Pan’s training.


Now the working space is brightened and the delusion begins again.

SCTA Speed Weekはまだキャンセルになっていません。

SCTA Speed Week is still not canceled.
Although, I don’t think we are able to go this year.

Mask required for MQQNEYES

新型コロナウイルス感染の拡大を避けるために MOONEYES Area-1, MOON Cafe へのご入店の際には、

To prevent further infection spread of the Coronavirus, we are asking you to wear your mask and clean your hands before entering MOONEYES Area-1 and MOON Cafe.


During your check and when it’s crowded please keep a distance.


MOONEYES Area-1 Shop 限定の
MOONEYESs Area-1 Exclusive Hawaiian Print Mask 【NM109】
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At MOONEYES Area-1 and MOONEYES Online Shop, a variety of masks are available. Although it is calming then before, Keep your guard up.

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マスクを使わない場面で重宝する マスクケースもございます。
There are also Mask Case which perfect when you are not using your mask.

MOON Mask Case [MGC213]
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Buy 2 Get 1 Free Campaign is currently held at MOONEYES Area-1, choose 3 t-shirts or caps and you can get one of them for free.

Summer Chow Mein

レタスたっぷり涼しげな ” Summer Chow Mein” 薄塩味でさっぱりと召し上がれ。
To Go(take out)もGO!

Menu Limited for Hot Season.
Fresh “Summer Chow Mein” with plenty of lettuce and enjoy.
To Go is also available!

サマー チャウメン (Summer Chow Mein) / ¥1,200(excl. tax)
ラージ ライス (Large Rice)/ ¥1,350(excl. tax)
ライス無し (without Rice) / ¥1,050(excl. tax)

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