VW T-II 23 Window

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Hasegawa Hobby Kits / 1/24 VW T-2 23 Window Busのプラモデルがハセガワから発売になりました。

Hasegawa Hobby Kits / 1/24 VW T-2 23 Window Bus Plastic Model Kit has released from HASEGAWA.
30 years ago MQQNEYES had 1958 and it is a bit different to the model but,
it has the same number of windows.

当時作ったライセンスプレートですが1990年当時はまだBlue Plateだったのですね

A license plate that was made at that time and it was still a Blue Plate.

Northern Californiaでベース車両の 23 Window と 21 Window 2台買っても$3,000.00(程度は相当酷い)と言う平和な時代だったから
23 WDWを仕上げる為に 21 WDWは部品取りとして日本へ送り仕上がったのが1990年の暮れでした。

It was still a peaceful period in Northern California when I bought the 23 Window and 21 Window as a base car,
which was just $3,000.00 (Although the condition was not really good).
To finish the 23 WDW, 21 WDW was shipped to Japan for taking parts and
it was finished at the end of 1990.

23 WDWのこの開放感は最高です。

This 23 WDW’s sense of space is amazing.

この23 WDWは hot VWs August 1992 Issueに掲載されています。

This 23 WDW is published on hot VWs August 1992 Issue.
If you have it near please have a LQQK!

ハセガワ製23 Window, パッケージは ムーンディスクにクロームバンパーですが
VWマークの付いたハブキャップ と カラーバンパー用前後バンパーも付属されています。

HASEGAWA’s 23 Window, the package is MOON Discs and chrome bumper but
for VW fans who want the “Original”, Hub cap with VW mark and non-color bumper are included.
It is a kit that can also enjoy the original.

1/24 MOONEYES VW Type2 マイクロ バス [KGM007]
販売価格: 4,000円(税別)

1/24 MOONEYES VW Type2 Micro Bus [KGM007]
Our Price: 4,000yen(excl. tax)

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