Dave's 50th Happy Birthday Party

Dave Shuten, HCSに素晴らしい車を提供してくれるGallpin Speed ShopでBuilderとして腕を振るう彼の50歳のPartyが開催されInviteして頂いたのでお邪魔してきました。土曜日夕方OCから大変なTrafficの中 彼のShopのあるVannuysへ、しかし楽しくなる様な車は全くいません。

Dave Shuten is the Builder of Galpin Speed Shop offer us wonderful cars to the HCS.  And I was invited to his 50th Happy Birthday Party. From the Saturday afternoon in the big traffic, I went to the Vannuys where his Shop is located. However, there wasn’t any car that makes me enjoy at the Freeway.
夕方の405 Freewayで見る車は最近の車ばかりです。

The car you can see in the evenings of 405 Freeway are mostly the latest cars.

会場を入ると本物のHirohata Mercury。

When I went into the venue, there was the real Hirohata Mercury.
最近手に入れたと言う57 Vette and X-Sonic, Galpin Speed Shopsではこの様な車を掘り起こし元に戻しコレクションとして展示しています。 彼らによって蘇ったカスタムカーは沢山あり、文化の継承には素晴らしい事だと思います。そう言う人が居なければただのJunkとなってしまうからです。

57 Vette and X-Sonic, which he recently got. At the Galpin Speed Shops, there are these kinds of cars are figged up and restored and exhibited as a collection. There are many custom cars restored by them and I think the inheritance of the kulture is amazing. Because without people like that, it would just be Junk.
Barris Kustom Area (看板は本物だそうです)

(The signboard is the genuine one)

Ed “Big Daddy” Roth Area
右のTrikeは, Dean MOONに連れられて初めてEd Rothの家に行った際、ガレージで造っていました。その彼はこれでアラスカへ。

The Trike in the right was built in the garage when Dean MOON first brought me to Ed Roth’s house. And he went to Alaska with this.

Robert Williams Area

Von Dutch Area

Galpin Speed Shop内ではMOON Linerを展示して頂いてます。

At the Galpin Speed Shop, MOON Liner is exhibited.
Nostalgia Partsの数々。

Many Nostalgia Parts
昔は楽しいアクセサリーが豊富にあったのです。それだけ、車が簡素だったのかもしれませんし、その様な物を取り付けられる余裕が車にあったのでしょう。現代車( No Hyundai)にはこの様な物を取り付ける余裕がありません。

In old times there were many abounding accessories. It's only that the car was simple and the car was enough to put these kinds of things. Moden car is don’t have tolerance for accessories.

MOONEYES Originalで製作されたMQQN Disc TrophyをDaveに差し上げました。全世界に24個、彼のが3個目です。

The MOONEYES Original made MQQN Disc Trophy was given to Dave. Only 24 in the world and this is 3rd one.
これ、MOONEYES Helperの一人による100% Hand Craftなのです。素晴らしい作品です!

This is Hand Crafted by one of the MOONEYES Helper. It is really a wonderful piece of work!