HCS 2022 Preparation in Progress

12/04(日) HCS 2022 開催まで2ヶ月を切ってしまいました!

“ロッドショー” と呼ばずに “ホットロッドカスタムショー” って呼んだ方がカッコ良いけど“HCS 2022” と呼んだ方がもっとカッコ良い!


従来ですとCar Showの集まりに時間が掛かり、Car Show枠数が決まらないとレイアウトに取り掛かれず、10月末にレイアウトが出来ていたのですが今回はCar Showの集まりもMotorcycle, Vendor Boothに匹敵するくらい早くにFULLになってしまいました。


エントリー沢山でもスペースが広げられないのがIn door Showの辛いところです。


今回も搬入日(土)は昨年同様 搬入をスムースに行う為、また会場内での不測の事故を防ぐ為に 入場の規制を致します。


Less than 2 months until December 4th(Sun), HCS2022!

There were many registrations, and people in the waiting list, so we have to work on the layout as soon as possible.

Usually, it takes time for the Car Show to gather, and we cannot start the layout without it, and started the layout around the end of October.

However, for this year, the Car Show got FULL really fast like the Motorcycle Show and Vendor Booth.

During next week, most of the space will be decided, and we will be able to start to contact the people in the waiting list. The disadvantage of the Indoor Show is that we cannot open up the space although there are many registrations.

The puzzle will start to see how many spaces we can fill in the limited space at the venue.

To have a smooth carry in on the setup day(Sat.), we will have admission control.
No more free to get in the venue on the set up day, Saturday except participants. Saturday’s ticket will be available in the venue.

Also, there is no After party on Monday due to COVID-19.
However MOON Cafe and MOONEYES Area-1 will remain open.

Everything will get almost clear.
Thank you for your understanding.