Golden Week & SCN2024 Special News!

Golden Week がスタートしました。MOONEYES Area-1, MOON Cafe は期間中休まず営業します。

Golden Week (National Holidays) has begun. MOONEYES Area-1 and MOON Cafe will be open every day during this period.

5月5日(日)は MOONEYES Area-1 前にて、Sidewalk Sale を開催。Wildman 石井の Pinstripe Demo もございます。

GW 期間中、横浜にいらした際は、是非 本牧まで Cruise がてら遊びに来てください。

On Sunday, May 5th, there will be a Sidewalk Sale at MOONEYES Area-1. Additionally, there will be a demonstration of Pinstripe by Wildman.

If you are visiting Yokohama during Golden Week, please cruise to Honmoku and stopping by.

そして GW 明けの2024年5月12日(日) はお台場青海 Parking にて 36th MOONEYES Street Car Nationals® を開催します。

さらに昨年大好評頂いた、崎陽軒 X MOONEYES 弁当が今年も MOONEYES Street Car Nationals® に登場します! 会場内の MOONEYES ブース近くの崎陽軒ブースで購入頂けますので、Lunch Time に是非お立ち寄りください。

Event 開催まで後わずか、この連休に車を仕上げて楽しい一日を過ごしましょう。

After the Golden Week, 36th MOONEYES Street Car Nationals® will be taking place on Sunday May 12 at Odaiba Aomi Parking.

At the venue, the popular Kiyoken x MOONEYES Bento from last year will once again be available! You can purchase it at the Kiyoken Booth near the MOONEYES booth in the venue. Please stop for your Lunch Time.

The date is getting close to the Event. Finish off your car during the holidays and let's make a fun day.

Wildman 石井がデザインしたスペシャルパッケージ仕様のムーンアイズ オリジナル崎陽軒 炒飯弁当が登場します。


パラっとした食感が人気のチャーハン。横浜名物 シウマイはもちろん、鶏の唐揚げや筍煮、チンジャオロースのおかずを詰め合わせた、食べ応え十分のお弁当です。


価格: 1,100円(税込)

Wildman design special packet MOONEYES Original Kiyoken Fried Rice Bento.

※Limited quantity. The sale ends when sold out.

Fried Rice Bento Box
Fried rice is popular for its crispy texture. In addition to Yokohama's famous Shiumai dumpling, this dish is full of volume and includes Fried chicken and Stir-Fried Shredded Beef with Green Pepper.

Fried rice (topping: green peas), piece Old-fashioned Shiumai , Fried chicken, Stir-Fried Shredded Beef with Green Pepper, Simmered bamboo shoot dice, and red ginger

Price: 1,100yen(incl. tax)