Motorcycle Swap Meet

日曜日の Motorcycle Swap Meet、もの凄い暑さでしたが大盛況で終了しました。 This past Sunday was the Motorcycle Swap Meet and it was a really hot day but it went very good and was a great success.

途中、雲行きが怪しくなり雨も降りましたがポツポツ程度で収まり皆無事に帰れたと思います。 On the way there in the morning, the skies looked partially cloudy and there were a couple drops of rain but that (Continue reading…)

Barona Drag Strip の続き

MOONEYES Dragster を走らせた Barona Drag Strip では Friday Night に Cackle Fest も開催されました。 On Friday night at Barona Drag Strip, where the MOONEYES Dragster ran (last blog post) we took part in the Cackle Fest they had.

Cackle Fest とは Dragster 等のエンジンと掛ける(主に古い Dragster 等が人気です)催しです。 For those that don’t know what Cackle Fest (Continue reading…)