Ride Free Show #7 in Taipei, Taiwan

11/06日(日) は台北で開催された Ride Free Show #7 に参加しました。

We participated in Ride Free Show #7 in Taipei, Taiwan on Sunday 11/06.

  MQQNEYES Booth の隣は台湾の最南端 高雄市で MQQNEYES Dealer をやっている LOTTO Motorcycle Shop です。

Next to the MQQNEYES Booth was LOTTO Motorcycle Shop, a MQQNEYES Dealer located in Kaohsiung which is the southern top of (Continue reading…)

Taipei 台北

台北から那覇に向かうにはこの飛行機会社、ちょっと心配だったが無事、那覇に到着。 これから MOONEYES Dealer の So Cal Okinawa へ… From my trip to Taipei I headed for Naha, the main city in Okinawa, on my way back using this airlines so I was a little bit worried but happily I arrived safely. Now to visit MOONEYES Dealer, So Cal (Continue reading…)