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On Sunday September 4, 2016 in Cheongju, Korea (about 2 hours south from Seoul) the first indoor custom motorcycle show took place. It wsa organized by Shake Piston and featured about 50 custom choppers and a dozen vendors. Cheongju is a fair size town but it's not known for motorcycles. There are plenty of motorcycles in the bigger cities. Access to this part of Korea is limited as well. However, a lot of builders, shops and riders came down to show their support. It was an overcast day with reports of possible rain showers so it might have had an effect on the attendance of motorcycle riders. All in all, it was a great event and everyone had a wonderful time.

Gin and I flew to Korea on Saturday. It's just a 2 hour plus flight. We arrived in Incheon and took a bus to the town where the event was held, Cheongju. Unfortunately, the bus ride wasn't very scenic with all the curtains pulled closed but after another 2 hours, we arrived. The event organizer G-kun of Shake Piston took time away from setup meet us and show us to our hotel. The next morning we headed to the event, just 5 minutes by car. The event was held indoors which is unhead of in Korea for a custom chopper event. Perhaps this will begin to change in the near future.

Last week, Gin posted his report with more photos and the awards too. You can see it here: (in Japanese)

Hope you enjoy my photos from the 1st Annual RIDE HARD 2016 Custom Bike Show in Cheongju, Korea!
We are already looking forward to next year! Hope to see you in Korea!

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