Hi to all readers of MMM, This is Goshu from MOON OF JAPAN.
This US Trip Report is gMeeting Art at Track16 & Going fast on Dry Lakeh

On last weekend, with Wildman Ishii I went to new release reception at g Track 16h Gallery for New book called gKustom Japanh published by famous Tattoo Artist Don Ed Hardysf Hardy Books.
Track 16 is now looked up from celebrities in southern California with good reputation for holding Kool exhibitions in Former Bergamot railway station ware houses converted to Gallery complex in Santa Monica where area has changed to an art district for various kinds of Arts such as an Interior, Graffiti and etc.

I had chance to talk to Mr. Don Ed Hardy at his last visit in Yokohama MOON Cafe.
It was impressive to hear that back in the days when he started Tattoo People can only choose out from samples at Tattoo shops and He was frontier for being first to start so that people can describe what they want and Draw and Tattoo from customers wish, Which is now standard for Tattoo shop.

Mr. Don Ed Hardy has started early as we could say Old school in time but impressive
Thing about him was how he has wide view for his thoughts in art and has strong interest in Old East Art and culture, where title gWest meets Easth comes in real as he actually spent his time living in Japan and even speak some Japanese.
This time on his solo exhibition at Track 16 gWest meets Easth had various mixtures, East old art Japanese Arita ware Large plates, Hibachi (charcoal fire vase), Flower vase and tiles with his West art designs.
Multi texture layered with West Tattoo designs and East art design such as Dragon, Tiger and Enma devil drawn by paint on top.
Impressive to see how he continues to make new move to his art every day.

Inside Track 16 gEast meets Westh the huge prints of pictures from gKustom Japanh Book Covered walls around huge space as entered from doors and in small hall as walk inside.

These Pictures of Japanese Kustom scene was taken by Michael McCabe.
Noticed how many pictures of people are taken and it is actually rare to find
Source to see the real scene as mostly car magazine are focused more on cars than people And no art book has taken in this wide range of people cars bikes and art.
Plus at wall seen as walked in from entrance, Wildman and three Japanese pin striper Mr.G, Makoto of M&K, Grimb had made Pin stripe Art.

Wildman brought Pinstripe designed MOONEYES REYNSPOONER Aloha Shirts and Original drawing of Rat Fink gTakarabuneh to exhibit at the show.
Mr. Don Ed Hardy likes this RF Takarabune too as art of real East Meets West.

So now the real reception has started on Saturday 6pm.
The quiet parking lot has suddenly turned to full of cars More of luxury than Kustom.

Wildman autograph on posters at out side too, by the way he was from Tattoo shop

Are they celebrity? clearly different air compared to usual car show has started to fill the gallery.

Staff from Tattoo City San francisco.

Many Arty people came to show.

Wow, may be some readers remember,
Jason Teraoka and Tracy from Hawaii.
They came to see the Kruise Night at Honmoku and I can still remember clearly how we had fun Jason is friend of Ed and they know each other from Hawaii, as appeared on Shige Suganuma Boss blog.
Tracy is wearing Jacket with NishikiOri designed by Ed Hardy made by his wife.

Time flies, 9pm Closing time came for the reception and all moved to back room with bar.
Like to thank Mr.Don Ed Hardy for giving me autograph after hours of busy day and His busy schedule continues to next destination paris.

This back space has vintage neon restaurant and road signs from the collection of Track 16's owner, Tom Patchett. Bright neon colors and huge signs create a strange space effect.

Also this Gallery has a Dinner hidden behind wall which was brought in from East Coast for exhibitions in past.

gWhen East meets Westh this exhibition continue for 1 month.
Please stop by if you are in LA area.
Next is the last half of this report on gGoing fast on Dry Lakeh.
MOONEYES USA CEO Chico has completed his own build and designed
gModified 27 T Roadsterh and he will challenge the Speed Trial at Dry Lake El Mirage.

Every time I go to US Trip, I get to see how more than 50 years history of Moon Equipped is made by continuing everyday through looking at various car scenes
Modified Roadster made by the Old school for the Old School, has shiny brand new Moon Equipped parts. same parts which were made in past, everyday since past and still makes same parts brand new today
Not New Old Stock parts, Its Brand New Old School Parts
MOON Equipped Company, Old school in Speed Trail Race Has made return on dry lake with Modified Roadster Own, build and driven by the CEO Chico just like Founder Dean Moon had own, build and Driven. There is more to it, this Modified Roadster has Old school Speed Trial Racer And employee of MOON Equipped Company Fred Larsenfs 183ci V8 engine off from his Land speed record machine gStream Linerh
It was a true return of Old School on Dry Lake
There more story covered by gPanh the heavy weight Sumi of MOON Space Agency on his First US Trip Report.
It was a great trip to see brand new moves from two Old Schools
By the way, Don Ed Hardy wrote me an autograph, g Stay KooLh
When Old school who has been fully active everyday with thoughts and moves Writes these words, it sounds different
As Decades pass by the culmination of a day in all over the world, I think they have been and will gStay KooLh everyday.

Copyright (C) 2008 MOON OF JAPAN, INC. All rights reserved.
Copyright (C) 2008 MOON OF JAPAN, INC. All rights reserved.