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When Monday is a national holiday, we open at 10:30 and observe (closed Tuesday) the following day.
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NEW! Now Serving Brunch

MOON Cafe's Favorites menu

All roads lead to the MOON Cafe. Map to Moon Cafe
Here's where you'll find all of MOON Cafe's menu items. From favorites, week days daily lunch specials, to new and limited menu items as well.


Daily Special Lunch menu served with your choice of beverage and the soup of the day. Pacific Islander style taste also available. Hamburger lunch is available daily too. Lunch menu available on Tuesday to Friday from 11:30am to 3:00pm.
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New Style from HONMOKU, New BABY MOON BURGER comes with
fresh Avocad, home made Chili for extra topping and plain style.
fEnjoy our 3 favorite taste of Burger toppings in one plate.

Price: ¥ 1,470 (1350 yen w/o tax)

NOW SERVING "MOCHIKO Chicken Plate"!!!

Another hard to find menu item for those craving the taste of authentic Mochiko done right at MOON Cafe.

Price: ¥ 1,155 (1100 yen w/o tax)
w/Large Rice: ¥ 1,260 (1200 yen w/o tax)

"Grilled Chicken Burger"
chicken breast makes a healthy burger. Excellent volume chicken with your favorite toppings are good too!

Price: ¥ 1,050 (1000 yen w/o tax)
w/Large Rice: ¥ 1,155(1100 yen w/o tax)

MOON 5?E1?E1 Tower Burger


Da Big ONE at MOON Cafe.
This of it as a Full Size American Car. It's standing height is Five point Five inch tall and weighs an amazing 1 pound of beef. It looks so big even on the biggest plate at MOON Cafe. Stacked 4-high of our in-house, handmade juicy meat patty and toppings. The burger comes with eggs (sunny side up), lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion and side of slice pickle. The portion of French Fries are big too.

The New MOON 5.5.1 TOWER BURGER please your appetite!

Price: ¥ 3,675 (3500 yen w/o tax)


On soft corn tortilla, we added fried ground beef, chopped onion and coriander, salsa is usual but we use lime twist which is an important point. Lime twist will blow off beefs oil and makes refreshing taste. That's "MOON Ground Beef Tacos"!


Will start serving after lunch hours (after 3pm) with limited 5 dishes per day. Name is MOON Cafe's Chicken Cutlet. Please come after lunch hours

Moon Cafe Classic HOT DOG

MOON Cafe's HOT DOG isn't just a hot dog, it's an American Classic Hot Dog. Big, toasted buns and available with Extra Homemade House Chili or Extra Cheese.

Plain Dog (base model): ¥ 840 (800 yen w/o tax)
w/Extra House Chili: ¥ 210 (200 yen w/o tax)
w/Extra Cheese: ¥ 158 (150 yen w/o tax)


Hawaiian style Kahlua Pig, served up in a "Broke da mouth" burger. Ono!

Price: ¥ 1,155 (1,100 yen w/o tax)

Islander Omlette

The local omlette served with BOM (Bacon, Onion, Mushrooms), two scoops rice, and side order.

Price: ¥ 840 (800 yen w/o tax)
w/Extra House Chili: ¥ 210 (200 yen w/o tax)
w/Extra Cheese: ¥ 158 (150 yen w/o tax)
w/Extra BOM: ¥ 315 (300 yen w/o tax)

Avocado Moon Burger

To keep the variety at Moon cafe, the Avocado Moon Burger is a healthy change. You can enjoy happy times and happy health too with lots of avocado that fills your appetite and keeps you healthy.

Price: ¥ 1,365 (1300 yen w/o tax)

?A?{?K?h ???[?? ?o?[?K?[

Mahi Mahi Burger

Mahi Mahi (it is sometimes called Dolphin fish or Dorado) served on a toasted bun with lettuce and alfalfa plus colesaw and salsa sause.

Price: ¥ 1,050 (1000 yen w/o tax)

?J???t?H???j?A ?`?L?? ?o?[?K?[
???[?? ?J?t?F ?p?e?B?[ ?????g
Price: ¥ 1,155 (1100 yen w/o tax)
Price: ¥ 1,050 (1000 yen w/o tax)

Bloody Mary
Price: ¥ 840 (800 yen w/o tax)
Price: ¥ 840 (800 yen w/o tax)


Avocado Caesar Salad

Full size: ¥ 1,050
(1000 yen w/o tax)
Small size: ¥ 630 (600 yen w/o tax)


Chicken Caesar Salad

Full size: ¥ 1,260
(1200 yen w/o tax)
Small size: ¥ 735 (700 yen w/o tax)

Avocado & Shrimp Salad

Full size: ¥ 735
(700 yen w/o tax)
Extra Garlic Bread: ¥ 210 (200 yen w/o tax)

MOON Cafe has elicious Homemade Chocolate Brownies in two styles, Homemade Chocolate Brownie and Ice Cream on Chocolate Brownie. Please try this taste of the rich chocolate and plenty of walnuts in new homemade Chocolate Brownies at MOON Cafe. Enjoy with cool fruits on side too.
?`???R ?u???E?j?[


Price: ¥ 473 (450 yen w/o tax)

Hot Chocolate Brownie and Cool Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream makes rich taste when melt in your mouth.


Price: ¥ 735 (700 yen w/o tax)

?A?C?X?N???[?? ?I?? ?u???E?j?[

MOON Cafe's Mihashi Apple Pie
Read Shige-Express

Single: ¥ 525 (500 yen w/o tax)
Ala mode : ¥ 788 (750 yen w/o tax)
Image above is Ala mode.

MOON Cafe's Mihashi Apple Pie

Buy the whole pie! It's worth it! Based on availability, preorder is recommended.

Price: ¥ 3,360 (3,200 yen w/o tax)

Old Fashion Cheesecake

The baked cheesecake with rich thick taste that get you hooked to. The old simple recipe is the MOON Cafe style.

Price: ¥ 525 (500 yen w/o tax)


This is one humongous dessert! Forget about calories, 'cause it's going to take you a long time before you find out how many calories this big mama has!

Half a banana is rolled in tortilla, deep-fried, two scoops of Haagen Dazs ice cream, covered with whipped cream and lots of Honey MOON Caramel for all your sweet teeth. All this for just 945yen w/tax ladies and gentlemen!

Price: ¥ 945 (950 yen w/o tax)

Cinnamoon Shell Ice Cream Caramel & Walnuts

Price: ¥ 630 (600 yen w/o tax)


Cinnamoon Shell Ice Cream

<< Tri-Berry

Vanilla & Coffee >>

Vanilla & Coffee

The Taco Rice joined the fabulous MOON Cafe menu during the summer of '95, and no, it doesn't have 8 tentacles and float around in the ocean. (Taco is Japanese for octopus.)

Basically it's the veggies and the ground meat of everyone's favorite Mexican cuisine, Tacos, spread over fluffy steamed rice. It is sort of like Okinawan tacos. We went all the way down to Okinawa on a gourmet tour to learn the recipe, it better be good. And it is available everyday for only 1,155 yen(w/tax).

Price: ¥ 1,155 (1100 yen w/o tax)

Hawaiian style favorite Spam Musubi. It's also another Okinawan favorite. You just can't do Okinawan without Spam. In Okinawa, Tulip is the leading maker of this popular luncheoun meat. People almost say, "All Tulips are Spams and all Spams are Tulips."

Tulip, a company based in the Netherlands, produces low salt Luncheon Meat, and so all you people who can't have too much salt, can eat Spa-musubi all you want. We use Tulip at the MOON Cafe.

Now, the Spa-Musubi is one of our traditional Hawaiian cuisines. Well, it's more a finger food than a cuisine. It consists of grilled Luncheon Meat, on Japanese steamed rice, and rolled with seaweed, sushi style. Eat it hot or cold, dip it in teriyaki sauce or with soy sauce (sho-yu), whatever you do with it, it always tastes good under any condition. And you can have 2 for only 630 yen(w/tax)! You can't beat that price!

Price: ¥ 630 (600 yen w/o tax)

Here's another Hawaiian dish for you, the Loco Moco. You all know that the MOON Cafe's still a Hamburger Shop don't you? The transformation was just a style change, and not a mind change. You just can't have a hamburger restaurant that doesn't serve Loco Moco; it just isn't possible. A Hawaiian dish, consisted of a big juicy 100% ground beef patty, with a sunnyside up, served on top of fluffy steamed rice covered in demiglace sauce instead of the rich creamy demi-glace sauce.

The sauces were interchanged because many Japanese prefer the demiglace sauce to the gravy. You'd understand why once you taste our wonderful and you'll know by heart that ours tastes better.

Price: ¥ 1,155 (1100 yen w/o tax)

Traditional Style Loco Moco

This simply the best! Authentic Loco Moco with Gravy! Gravy is so rare here in Japan, a popular chicken fast food chain doesn't have it! For those familiar with Hamburger plate lunches in Hawaii, this one is ono grinds!

Price: ¥ 1,050 (1000 yen w/o tax)

The next Hawaiian favorite is the HONOLULU CHOW MEIN. It is made by frying steamed noodles, with Spam, leek, and a jelly like substance made of fish paste called Kamaboko, and Naruto, with a touch of soy sauce, served with a scoop of steamed rice. It's great filling meal. It is available for only 1,050 yen(w/tax) at the MOON Cafe.
Here is another plate that is available for you all to make yourself at home. The HONOLULU CHOW MEIN is now available for only 945 yen(w/tax) consisting of five 200-gram packs of CHOW MEIN. Since it was so popular, we even made T-shirts of the packaging design. At MOONEYES or by phone to the mail order division at +81 (45) 243 - 5999.
(Fax: +81 (45) 253 - 0258)

The most popular thing at the MOON Cafe is our rich and creamy fountain. With not one, but two scoops of Haagen Dazs ice cream, it is the richest drink on the menu. That's not all, the shaker we use to make the fountain is made in the USA and anything made in the USA's got to be big. So that makes a lot of fountain. Our staff literally goes to your table and pours it out in front of your very own eyes.

Originally, the flavoring was just Vanilla and Strawberry, but as time passed, we now have 8 different flavors and the menu's still growing with more ideas from staff and customers. If you have any good ideas, tell us, and it might get to be on the menu some day. The most popular flavors are Chocolate Banana, California (Orange), and the Royal Iced Tea.

New !! Peanut butter Shake and Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake!!!
New Flavor to our line up, Great taste! have to try this one!!!

Price:New price, all flavor at 1,050 (1000 yen w/o tax)

There's a lot more to the MOON Cafe than what's stated above.
Come down and have a meal anytime, or jump to each individual Platter sites for more information on the dishes we have. We also can host parties, so talk to us about your budget, how many people, and so on and so forth.

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