1960 T-Bird Carburetor Rebuild.


Black smoke from the exhaust, difficult to fire up in the morning and fuel air mixture screws were not reacting to adjustments.  These were all the sure fire signs that the T-Bird needed a carburetor rebuild.

4BBL Edelbrock Thunder Series Carburetor.  Not to difficult.  The hard part was cleaning it up.


The garbage sitting at the bottom of the float bowl is not doing the engine any good.

There was even a little water up in there.


A piece of cardboard to hold the screws and hardware is a must when rebuilding any carb.

IMG_5062 IMG_5086

The gasket was not coming off without a fight.  I left it soaking in some Kerosene for a couple house and it really helped loosen the gunk and old gasket material.


After everything is cleaned up and your work area is prepped, its time to begin re-assembly.

Take time to make sure all rods and springs are positioned and adjusted to specs.


Check to be sure you are getting current at the choke connector.  Use a test-light or DMM.


I highly recommend changing the fuel filter and air filter along with doing the rebuild.


Fire it up!!  Purrs like a kitten when idle and roars like a tiger when you step on her tail.


-Moon Garage-