The Powerglide transmission in the 32 Roadster started acting up.

Rebuilding was one option.

2015-10-21 16.09.08

The old 1956 cast iron power glide.

2015-10-21 16.43.19

2015-10-21 16.44.21

We had a TH350 sitting around, so rather than mess around with the old boat anchor, we opted for the swap.

2015-10-21 16.53.15

The swap required a special adapter plate to accommodate for the starter and modifications were made to the shift mechanism.

2015-10-27 17.55.35

2015-10-28 16.16.01

After all was put together and torqued up.

2015-10-28 17.01.47

It was time to take her out for a spin.  What a difference.  Power and fuel consumption improved dramatically.  Hopefully drop a more appropriate 3 speed manual sometime next year.  Stay Tuned for that!