This week I will share some good advice direct from “Wildman” to get you moving along with your brush technique.IMG_0240

In Part one of the 3 part Pin-striping series, We discussed the best brushes to use for absolute beginners of the pin-striping art, and also the correct way to load and store your expensive brushes.

This week, we are tackling some if the skills and techniques required to make your work look good from the start.2015-05-07 10.00.40-1

“Wildman” recommends to stay small and simple to begin.   Grab your tools and a Sketchbook.  A nice spiral type sketchpad would be best since you could flip thru the pages and see your progress all in one place.

By “Simple”, we mean lines and single curves.  Start by painting straight lines, making sure your lines are even width from start to finish.  Get a feeling for the brush and find the right position and angle to hold the brush.  Speed will also affect the overall look of your line.

In his “How To” book, (only in Japanese), he explains this in more detail.FullSizeRender 3FullSizeRender

The same goes for lettering.  Try to start with simple straight fonts.  Making sure your stroke width stays smooth and even.  As your straight lines improve and you feel confident, only then should you attempt curved fonts.IMG_0238IMG_0239


Cursive is probably best to avoid at first.  Learn to crawl before you walk, and good habits will become natural.  There is so much of “Wildman’s” Art all over the Area-1 Shop, Garage and company vehicles that it will blow your mind.  Feel free to pick his brain if you stop by the shop in Honmoku.

2015-01-27 17.09.50-1