-Oil Change, New Filter-

So your driving the ride of your dreams!!  Congratulations, but no matter how old or new,  you must realize the importance of Regular Maintenance.

Not only will your Car, Truck or Bike run and feel heaps better, but real car enthusiasts will take notice and your love and appreciation for your new machine will speak volumes.  There is nothing more annoying than a guy who dresses the part, but knows little to nothing about how to take care of their vehicle.  Moon is here to help.  Come by the Garage and ask our knowledgable staff any car questions you may have, we don’t know everything, but we can almost certainly figure it out.

You can get all you typical maintenance required parts and fluids at Mooneyes Area-1.


Today I am changing the oil on a 1956 Chevy 265ci Small Block.  This poor little guy was neglected for far to long.

Lucas Oil Stabilizer- helps your engine in several ways, it is one of the best additives out there in my opinion.  You will notice improved performance from the very first change.

Valvoline Max Life- For engines with over 120,000 kilometers.

Fram Extra Guard Filter- The engine was equipped with a PH13 filter, but we will replace with a PH5 since the specs are very similar.  Filtering qualities are identical.

Vehicles may not have a voice, but they communicate in other ways.  The oil and sludge tells me that maintenance was not a priority to the previous owner.  The color and texture of the oil paints the picture.

IMG_6262                    IMG_6261

Fresh Oil, Lucas Stabilizer and New Filter!!

Your car will thank you for it with improved performance, economy and years of happiness.


Don’t be that guy driving a ticking time bomb, and take car of your machine.