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What's MQDS
What is MOON Quick Delivery Service?
It is an import agent service that MOONEYES will backorder the parts, wear, and other items in USA for you. (Depending on the size and weight, but most of the things arrives by air shipping) Request for estimate is Free! Feel free to contact us.
Order form is here
Ask us for help in these cases!
★ You want to get the item you saw on the internet.
eBay, Amazon, USA’s online shop and any other online shopping that only ships within USA. We are able to backorder for you.

★You want to order large item that cannot be imported by individual.
At MOON Quick Delivery Service we are able to backorder glass for the car and other large item. Contact us before you give up.

★When you found an item interested on foreign book/magazine, but don’t know how you buy it.
If you send us the copy of the page it will be definite.
Tell us any information you know like the parts number, model number and etc.

★Person looking your one item like repair parts, accessories regardless to USA car, Europe car and Japanese car.
There is many rich after market in USA. We are able to backorder for variety of SHOP.

★Person who want to custom Japanese car to car like in USA.
It is not in MOONEYES but, there is an item you really want to get it, feel free to ask us.

★You want clothing, goods, daily item…
If it is an item that can be bought in America we can backorder. Clothing, goods, electronics, daily item etc… ※There is some items that can’t be imported. Before ordering, please contact us.

Above cases is just an example. If you thought something, just contact us. There are some impossible things but if you are lucky you might get your item in a week …! It is not always a good thing but if you are interested or wondering Try it!

If you are using MOON Quick Delivery Service, fill in the requirements on the form.
It is free to ask for the estimation of the price so, if there is any item interested feel free to contact us.

Order can be done from Phone call, FAX and E-mail.

If there is any question or concern to MOON Quick Delivery Service contact from the address below.

2-10 Miyahara Honmoku Naka-ku Yokohama
Phone:045-623-5999 (Online Shop Dep.)

We have imported these goods
By using MOON Quick Delivery Service we have imported these items in the past.

・Front glass of a car
・T-shirt only sold in USA
・Door knob Made in USA
・Lamp kit of skateboard
・Item found in eBay and Amazon(USA)
・Movie’s soundtrack CD that is only sold in USA
・Trophy for the event
・Parts that is found in Parts Catalog
・Big Size clothing

I want an USA item not sold in Japan! If you thought like that, feel free to contact us.


1.Contact us if you find an item interested on USA Magazine and internet. It is OK to use It is easier.Contact Form!

2.Our STAFF will contact the USA STAFF for stock, price and arrival date.

3.USA STAFF will backorder the item from the shop.

4.Ship the item from USA to Japan once a week.

5.Item arrives in Japan. Our STAFF will check the item if there isn’t any problem.

6.Our STAFF will contact you for arrival of the item. Choose the date and time for delivery. We will carefully pack and send it.

7.Item has arrived. Check if there isn’t any problem.

8.Did you now get the flow of the order? Then let’s ask for the estimation of your order!

[How to order from MOON Quick Delivery Service]
1. Use the form below or tell us the information of the item you want by phone call, FAX, E-mail.
●Please give us the URL, if you want to order from USA Online Shop
●Tell us the price you want to bid (USA$) if you want to buy it from eBay.
●Send us the catalog name, parts number or copy of the page by FAX or E-mail, if you want an item from Parts Catalog.
●If you don’t know or have the source and parts number, we can search it and backorder so, feel free to ask us.

2. Estimation is Free. However expiration date is one week and after that you have to check again.
●After the estimation is done, we contact USA STAFF to check the stock, arrival date and price.
After the reply, we will contact you and you can decide to buy it or not.
※Please note that, depending on the supplier, it might take time to estimate.

3.After the estimate and you decided to order, for deposit please pay 2/3 of the estimated price.
●For the price informed contains, Price of the item + Shipping Fee within USA + Shipping fee to Japan + Shipping Fee within Japan + c.o.d commission

4. Order will be done after the payment is done. It is OK to pay with credit card.
After the item has arrived in Japan, Our STAFF will check if there isn’t any problem and then contact you.
Tell Our STAFF how you want the pay the remaining money, arrival date and time.

Precaution of MOON Quick Delivery Service
Please note that we can’t give refund for canceling item.
We are just importing the item what customer has decided so, we won’t get any claims like it wasn’t the item you thought, it didn’t fit your car, size was different etc.
We can’t backorder illegal item.
We won’t get any claims of damage during the shipping, problem of the item, after 10days have past from the arrival date.

Depending on the item arrival date differs. If it takes time, Our STAFF will contact you again.
Item that can’t be imported

Battery (with electrolyte), food, electronic without PSE mark, spray can (includes fire extinguisher), steering wheel with air bag in it, gun, animal, porn DVD (which is illegal in Japan), others (which MOONEYES decided that can’t be imported)

If there is any question to MOON Quick Delivery Service contact us by E-mail, phone call and FAX.

2-10 Miyahara Honmoku Naka-ku Yokohama
Phone:045-623-5999 (Online Shop Dep.) / E-MAIL:
Ordering Form
by Shige Suganuma
MOONEYES EXPRESS that is updated every Saturday
by MOONEYES representative Shige Suganuma.
Shige Suganuma travels all over the world all year round
and MOONEYES EXPRESS will deliver rich topic of his events.

These Blogs are irregularly updated by MOONEYES STAFF.
There are New Item Info, Event Report and many other informations
and photo that can only be seen here.
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Southern California Style offered by
MOONEYES's retail shop
MOONEYES Area-1(Area-1) has opened in Honmoku Yokohama in the year 1991.
As you once step into Area-1, it's Southern California.
Many auto parts, MOONEYES original wear and goods. You will definitely find the thing you want. Take your time and enjoy the atmosphere. MOONEYES Area-1 is a shop that will support your California Car Life.
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Where Food is Fun
'60s Style Coffee Shop
Large window that is slanting out to the sky, stone wall that is build up outside the cafe and green placed everywhere gives you an image of '60s USA Coffee Shop, that is MOON Cafe. It is only MOON Cafe where you can listen to Hawaiian Music and taste the wonderful Southern Local Foods & Burger. Please try the burger and Hawaiian & Mexican Food we are proud of. MOON Cafe's dessert Mihashi Apple Pie is exquisite.
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Project Car & Motorcycle
You can check out the Car & Motorcycle that is produced by MOONEYES.Car that will produce onward will be added here.
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Event Report & Trip Report
You can see the Event Report and Trip Report by MOONEYES STAFF's experience from oversea trip.
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Check the FOR SALE CAR information!
You can check the MOONEYES selected and imported cars here. Suddenly, you might find the car For Sale so, frequently check this page.
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