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Surf City Market Place 2022 on Sep.25 at Enoshima Kamome Parking!

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Buy, Sell and Trade 4th
Surf City Market Place by the Sea
At Enoshima Kamome Parking

Date : Sunday, September 25th, 2022
MOONEYES is introducing the Swap Meet Event, which is the Buy, Sell and Trade 4th "Surf City Market Place"(SCMP) by the Sea at New Place Enoshima Kamome Parking on Sunday September 25th, 2022! Car & Motorcycle Parts, goods, Secondhand clothing, Clothing, Vintage & Antique items, and more other Shop will gather at the Surf City Market Place and make a Special Day. Because it is at Enoshima, you can also enjoy the Foods & Drinks that can only be enjoyed at Enoshima, so if you finish shopping at the swap meets, please also enjoy the sightseeing at Enoshima.

In addition as the new trial, we have also planned an event to work on [SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)] .
Like the HCS2022 campaign "Peace" let's make the world a better place together, GO! with MOON! SDGs!

Please come and visit Good Location Enoshima Kamome Parking while your cruise with your Car & Motorcycle.

Advance Entry Registration is needed for Swap Meet Booth.
Swap Meet Registration is scheduled to start from Friday, August 5th, 2022.
We are currently, preparing to hold the event. However, the event may get postponed or canceled due to reasons such as the further spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), other Force Majeure (institutional requests and guidance from the government and facility, and risk of infection spread due to the event), or the Organizer’s decision. Please check the event information on MOONEYES Official Website.

The safety and health of visitors, event participants, and staff will be the top priority in the management of the event.
Date: Sunday, September 25th, 2022
9:00am ~ 3:00pm Raine or Shine
Location: Enoshima Kamome Parking (Kanagawa)
Contents: Swap Meet
Admission Fee: 2,000yen / per person / over 13 years old (※Elementary School Student Free)
(It also comes with ¥300 Coupon Ticket that can be used at a shop in Enoshima)
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Southern California Style offered by
MOONEYES's retail shop
MOONEYES Area-1(Area-1) has opened in Honmoku Yokohama in the year 1991.
As you once step into Area-1, it's Southern California.
Many auto parts, MOONEYES original wear and goods. You will definitely find the thing you want. Take your time and enjoy the atmosphere. MOONEYES Area-1 is a shop that will support your California Car Life.
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Where Food is Fun
'60s Style Coffee Shop
Large window that is slanting out to the sky, stone wall that is build up outside the cafe and green placed everywhere gives you an image of '60s USA Coffee Shop, that is MOON Cafe. It is only MOON Cafe where you can listen to Hawaiian Music and taste the wonderful Southern Local Foods & Burger. Please try the burger and Hawaiian & Mexican Food we are proud of. MOON Cafe's dessert Mihashi Apple Pie is exquisite.
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Project Car & Motorcycle
You can check out the Car & Motorcycle that is produced by MOONEYES.Car that will produce onward will be added here.
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