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Mooneyes Staff Steve's Born Free 8 Trip Report

MOON Space Agency Steve's BORN FREE 8 Trip Report
Born Free 8 - June 25-26, 2016 at Oak Canyon Ranch in Silverado, California

Greetings! This is MOONEYES Steve. I had the pleasure of attending Born Free 8 held at Oak Canyon Ranch in Silverado, California at the end of June 2016. This is the fourth time in five years for me to attend the Born Free Show and it gets better every time! Grant, Mike and the entire Born Free Team continue to present a top notch vintage bike show every year.

bf8_001 bf8_002 bf8_003 bf8_004 bf8_005 bf8_006 bf8_007 bf8_008 bf8_009 bf8_010 bf8_011 bf8_012 bf8_013 bf8_014 BBQ BBQ ICE CREAM MAN! bf8_018
The day we arrived in California, we headed to the Born Free preparty that evening. The Invited Builder bikes were lined up together in front of the stage area. As the sun went down Grant came on stage to say a few words and the party was over. It was great to chatch up with a lot of old friends there and see the new bikes on display.

Friday Setup Day at Born Free 8
After we completed the setup of the MOONEYES Booth, I took a quick look at the Invited Builders area.
bf8_021 bf8_022 bf8_023 bf8_024 bf8_025 bf8_026 bf8_027 bf8_028 bf8_029 bf8_030 bf8_031 bf8_032 bf8_033 bf8_034 bf8_035 bf8_036 bf8_037 bf8_038 bf8_039 bf8_040 bf8_041 bf8_042 bf8_043 bf8_044

Show Class Magazine Party at Cook's Corner
In the afternoon, we finished everything we had to do. After a quick bite to eat, we headed to the annual Show Class Magazine party at Cook's Corner. This is another highlight of the Born Free Show and officially kick starts the weekend for many attendees. For a change, we got there very early, before it was dark. It was an amazing sight to see as there were already hundreds of bikes there and more riding in.
bf8_049 bf8_050 bf8_051 bf8_052 bf8_053 bf8_054 bf8_055 bf8_056 bf8_058 bf8_059 bf8_060 bf8_061 bf8_062 bf8_063 bf8_064 bf8_065 bf8_066 bf8_067 bf8_068 bf8_069 bf8_070 bf8_071 bf8_073 bf8_074 bf8_075 bf8_076 bf8_077 bf8_078 bf8_079 bf8_080 bf8_081 bf8_082 bf8_084 bf8_085 bf8_086 bf8_087 bf8_088 bf8_089 bf8_090 bf8_091 bf8_092 bf8_093 bf8_094 bf8_095 bf8_096 bf8_097 bf8_098 bf8_099
We made it inside through the crowd. Live music was playing inside the bar area. The Show Class Magazine People's Choice Award bikes were lined up in the outdoor area. There were eight bikes in the final round surrounded by the crowd of people. The winner of the Show Class People's Choice Award secured a spot inside the Born Free Invited Builder's area. As the night came, we headed back to the hotel.

Saturday Morning Calm at Born Free 8
bf8_101 bf8_102 bf8_103 bf8_104 bf8_105 bf8_106
First thing we did Saturday morning was prepare the MOONEYES BOOTH. As previous years, the MOONEYES BOOTH was located on "lake front" real estate which is so great!

Ryan Grossman Uwe Ehinger Kiyo's Garage Max Schaaf Arie Vee Show Class Magazine People's Choice
The Invited Builders were in the process of cleaning up and preparing their bikes so I took a walk around the Born Free grounds. It was still quite early. Swap meet vendors and other booths were still getting ready.
bf8_113 bf8_114 bf8_115 bf8_116 bf8_117 bf8_118 bf8_119 bf8_120 bf8_121 bf8_122 bf8_123 bf8_124 bf8_125 bf8_126 bf8_127 bf8_128 bf8_129 bf8_130
Spectators with "Grass Passes" were making their way into the on-site parking. All types of bikes were rolling in.

Born Free 8
Just as the crowds started to come in, I took more photos starting with the Invited Builders Area. They were all incredible bikes to see and you can easily spend hours in the sun gazing over each one.
Oliver Jones bf8_134 Go Takamine bf8_136 bf8_137 bf8_138 Andy Carter bf8_140 bf8_141 bf8_142 bf8_143 bf8_144 bf8_145 bf8_146 Arie Vee bf8_148 bf8_149 bf8_150 Kiyo's Garage Show Class Magazine - People's Champ bf8_153 bf8_154 Ryan Grossman bf8_156 bf8_157 bf8_158 bf8_159 bf8_160 bf8_161 bf8_162 Max Schaaf bf8_164 Uwe Ehinger bf8_166 bf8_167 bf8_168 bf8_169 bf8_170 bf8_171 bf8_172 JP Rodman JP Rodman - MOON TANK bf8_175 bf8_176 bf8_177 Aki Sakamoto bf8_179 bf8_180 bf8_181 bf8_182 bf8_183 bf8_184 bf8_185 bf8_186 bf8_187 bf8_188 bf8_189 bf8_190 bf8_191 bf8_192 bf8_193 Big Scott, Jeff Leighton, The Harpoon Tiger Shack built Trike Steve Caballero's Triumph

San Diego Customs FXR Show at Born Free 8
Special areas inside Born Free included San Diego Customs FXR Show as well as Arlen Ness show bikes and digger competition. Making my way back to the Invited Builders area I noticed very long lines forming. It was time for the WALL OF DEATH, a major attraction and crowd pleasing performance by Death Riders!
bf8_195 bf8_196 bf8_197 bf8_198 bf8_199 bf8_200 bf8_201 bf8_202 bf8_203 bf8_204 bf8_205 bf8_206 bf8_207 bf8_208 bf8_209 bf8_210 bf8_211 bf8_212 bf8_213 bf8_214 bf8_215 bf8_216 bf8_217 bf8_218 bf8_219 bf8_220 bf8_221 bf8_222 bf8_223 bf8_224

Arie Vee (HCS2015) bf8_226 bf8_227 bf8_228 bf8_229 bf8_230 Jason Webber Jason Webber (HCS2015) bf8_233 Oliver Jones Oliver Jones (HCS2015) Cycle Zombies bf8_237 bf8_238 bf8_239 Duane Ballard Aki Sakamoto Chopper Dave Dice Magazine Heavy Clothing Show Class Magazine bf8_246 bf8_247 bf8_248 bf8_249 bf8_250 Suavecito Pomade bf8_252 TT and Co Phares Cycle Parts bf8_255 bf8_256 bf8_257 bf8_258

The afternoon came and it was time for the Saturday awards and give-away. The main awards were the Invited Builders Awards. First place would win a trip to Japan for HCS2016!
And the winner is...
bf8_260 bf8_261 bf8_262
Kiyo's Garage and his twin engine Honda CB750!
Second Place: Arie Van Schyndel 1941 Knucklehead
Third Place: Jeff Leighton 1942 Harley UL
First Place: Kiyo and his Twin Engine Honda CB750 bf8_268 bf8_269 Second Place: Arie Van Schyndel 1941 Knucklehead Third Place: Jeff Leighton 1942 Harley UL

bf8_264 bf8_265 bf8_266 bf8_267
After the Invited Builders Awards, it was time to raffle this awesome Chopper Dave built Panhead! Lucky winner was so thrilled!

Born Free Grant Peterson and Mike Davis Born Free 8
The two responsible for making Born Free what it is today.

bf8_276 bf8_277 bf8_278 bf8_279 bf8_280 bf8_281 bf8_282 bf8_283 bf8_284 bf8_285 bf8_286
I started off Sunday by browsing the Art & Fuel gallery.
Then I made my way around checking out everything.

bf8_287 BF8 Limited Edition VANS Shoes bf8_289 bf8_290 bf8_291 bf8_292 bf8_293 bf8_294 bf8_295 bf8_296 bf8_297 bf8_298 bf8_299 bf8_300 bf8_301 bf8_302 bf8_303 bf8_304 bf8_305 bf8_306 bf8_307 bf8_308 bf8_309 bf8_310 bf8_311 bf8_312 bf8_313 bf8_314 bf8_315 bf8_316 bf8_317 bf8_318 bf8_319 bf8_320 bf8_321 bf8_322 bf8_323 bf8_324 bf8_325 bf8_326 bf8_327
Time flies when you are having fun and suddenly it was time for the awards. Sunday featured all the awards including BF8 Best in Show. After the awards two bikes would be raffled off!

bf8_330 bf8_331 Jeff Leighton Born Free 8 Best in Show
And after Grant & Mike spent hours going through everything, the Best in Show award for Born Free 8 went to Jeff Leighton and his 1942 Harley-Davidson UL.

bf8_334 bf8_335 bf8_336 bf8_337 bf8_338 bf8_339 bf8_340 bf8_341 bf8_342 bf8_343 bf8_344 bf8_345 bf8_346 bf8_347 bf8_348 bf8_349 bf8_350 bf8_351 bf8_352 bf8_353 bf8_354
After the Best in Show award was announced, there was more! Two bikes waited to be raffled off. This year, there were many no-shows! They had to pull out so many tickets. Finally, someone in the audience was called and a joyous couple scored an awesome Knucklehead! Another lucky winner scored a brand new Harley-Davidson. Congratulations to all the winners this year at Born Free 8.
Start making plans now for Born Free 9! We'll see you there! Thank you for viewing. Go! with MOON Steve...
by Shige Suganuma
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