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Mooneyes Staff Steve's European Bug-In 5 Trip Report

EBI5 Event Report
Greetings from MOONEYES! This is Steve from MOON SPACE AGENCY.
The European Bug-In 5 (#EBI5) was held on June 28-30, 2013 in Chimay, Belgium.
The fully restored original Inch Pincher III as well as the brand newly built Moonbug were invited "guests" to the event and shipped all the way from Japan. The three of us, Wildman, Kijimoto-san and I, had the pleasure of attending the event and here are some of the photos from the trip.

ebi5-001 ebi5-002 ebi5-003 Exif_JPEG_PICTURE ebi5-005
We flew into Paris (CDG) Airport and grabbed a car rental. It was raining and very cool outside. It was very early, about 6AM when we got the car. We were about 30km away from "Paris, Paris" like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. After figuring out how to "CONFIG" the navigation language to English (No Japanese), we plugged in the Eiffel Tower and then followed the navigation guidance.
After seeing the Eiffel Tower, driving the Arc de Triomphe round-about (rotary) several times for the experience and eating a cafe, we made our way for Chimay, Belgium (about 3 hours drive).

ebi5-006 ebi5-007 ebi5-008 ebi5-009
We stopped for lunch just as we entered Belgium then found our way to Chimay Circuit where we met up with Freddy at the registration booth.

ebi5-010 ebi5-011 ebi5-012 ebi5-013
We then headed for the main tower where Kobus was already very busy with setup and was just about to get the Moonbug and Inch Pincher III from the warehouse. We also ran into Mike. The three of them (Freddy, Kobus and Mike) are the event organizers and did an outstanding job again this year. There were 3,000 campers registered, hundreds of show and race cars plus tons of swap meet vendors and dealers. Although Thursday was a setup day, things were just getting started and most vendors would be showing up tomorrow morning so we decided to look around.

ebi5-014 ebi5-015 ebi5-016 ebi5-017 ebi5-018 ebi5-019
There were so many VW Type-2 (buses) which a lot were used for camping. So cool! The race cars were lined up too.

ebi5-020 ebi5-021 ebi5-022 ebi5-023
We walked up to the drag strip. It's part of the circuit straight-a-way. There were more race cars parked there too.

ebi5-024 ebi5-025 ebi5-026 ebi5-027
Then we saw the trailers hauling the Moonbug and Inch Pincher III. This would be our tent/booth for the weekend.
Nao-san from Flat4 was not here yet so we setup what we could and decided to check into our hotel and eat dinner.

ebi5-028 ebi5-029 ebi5-030 ebi5-031 ebi5-032 ebi5-033
We walked around the small town of Chimay. Just love European architecture. Just on the perimeter of the town center is the only Chinese restaurant (that we found) and decided to eat here. Of course, not without some Chimay beer! This blue label beer is 9%.

Photo Jun 29, 10 03 37 AM

ebi5-034 ebi5-035 ebi5-036 ebi5-037 ebi5-038 ebi5-039
In the morning, Obata-san arrived. He owns and drives a crazy-fast turbo-charged Moonbug IV. We was on-hand to make sure the Moonbug's maiden run on the strip would be a success - well, the engine at least. The driving would be up to Kijimoto-san.
Nao-san from Flat4 showed up in the morning too. He brought racing gas so we filled up both cars. After than Obata-san and Kijimoto-san went through the basics of operation getting familiar with the Moonbug, then started it up for the first time. (view it here)

The restored original Inch Pincher III owned and brought over from Flat4 (Tokyo, Japan).
Nao-san would be driving this machine! During the restoration process, Wildman assisted by pinstriping and lettering the entire car!
In the rear intake vent, the original signature of the original pinstriper still remains as a salute.

ebi5-041 ebi5-042 ebi5-043 ebi5-044 ebi5-045 ebi5-046 ebi5-047 ebi5-048 ebi5-049 ebi5-050 ebi5-051 ebi5-052 ebi5-053 ebi5-054 ebi5-055 ebi5-056 ebi5-057 ebi5-058 ebi5-059 ebi5-060 ebi5-061 ebi5-062 ebi5-063 ebi5-064 ebi5-065 ebi5-066 ebi5-067 ebi5-068
By midday, it was still very cloudy but many cars were coming in.

ebi5-069 ebi5-070 ebi5-071 ebi5-072 ebi5-073 ebi5-074 ebi5-075 ebi5-076 ebi5-077 ebi5-078
The official OPEN TIME for today (7/28) was 2PM. Next to our tent was the official EBI tent and a line formed around ours as people waited to get their event goods! They closed after two-three hours. After that, our tent really got busy with lookers. Wildman had some work too. Pierre Otto from Otto Bros. let us borrow a battery charger so Wildman lettered his helmet as a thank you. He was very happy. Pierre drives a VW dragster and lights the tires on fire for fun!

ebi5-079 ebi5-080 ebi5-081 ebi5-082 ebi5-084 ebi5-085
Friday night ended earlier than expected possibly because of the weather but we went back to our hotel, then ate dinner at a place in town called CASINO. It's a restaurant witha casino theme where under the glass tables are chips and cards. The menu was only in French! We had spaghetti. Oh yes, and that blue label Chimay Beer. It's so smooth! Highly recommended!

ebi5-086 ebi5-087 ebi5-088 ebi5-089 ebi5-090 ebi5-091 ebi5-092 ebi5-093 ebi5-094 ebi5-095
The rain came overnight and slightly in the morning. If it stayed like this, there could be no races at all. The line outside was for the EBI booth but there were a lot of visitors on Saturday (7/29). Everyone wanted Wildman's autograph! We had a special visit from two VW legends, Lonnie Reed & Dyno Don Chamberlin. Although Lonnie Reed has be in a different line of business, this event has given him the bug again and plans to build "something" soon. Looking forward to that!

ebi5-096 ebi5-098 ebi5-099 ebi5-100 ebi5-101
CoolFlo from the UK built this buggy as well as the Bay Window camper.
To reduce the amount of mud, event staff brought in hay. It make a huge difference.

ebi5-102 ebi5-103 ebi5-104 ebi5-105 ebi5-106
Classic Store from France built this amazing prototype (kit) car.

ebi5-107 ebi5-108 ebi5-109 ebi5-110 ebi5-111 ebi5-112
Wildman was busy all day but it was time for lunch! So we headed over to the VIP tent and met up with the others. As we passed the drag strip, they were about to heat it up to speed up the drying. Look! Wildman getting a taste of Chimay Beer!

Suddenly, I heard a noise and thought it was the heating machine but no, it was a helicopter!

ebi5-113 ebi5-114 ebi5-115 ebi5-116 ebi5-119 ebi5-123 ebi5-124 ebi5-126 ebi5-127 ebi5-128 ebi5-129 ebi5-131
I was told the helicopter would only be around for a few hours so I needed to go soon. Rather than wait until after I ate, I decided to go before. After all, I didn't want to lose my lunch while in the air... it was my first time riding a helicopter and lucky for me, it was the pilot's first day on the job too. We went up to about 900 feet. I asked him to go higher and we sure did! I could see the entire event area. It was awesome! We passed over the VIP tent. I could see Mooneyes yellow! LQQK! You can see them waving!

ebi5-132 ebi5-133 ebi5-134 ebi5-135 ebi5-136 ebi5-137 ebi5-138 ebi5-139 ebi5-140 ebi5-141 ebi5-142
After the helicopter ride, we headed back to the VIP tent to have a late lunch. Lunch was a served which featured sausage, ham, potatoes and veggies. It was very good. I could eat this every day. Oh, at topped with a glass of Chimay beer of course. Chimay Bleu please. The day was actually getting better even though it was technically about 4PM! After we ate, we stopped back over at the tent where Wildman continued where he left off pinstriping and signing autographs. Kobus popped in too. He explained that it was possible to run today as the track was finally dry but being the end of the day, it was probably best to wait until the morning. So we relaxed a bit. We could hear the helicopter overhead so Kijimoto-san decided since we weren't going to race, he'd jump on for a ride. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as he left, Nao-san came rushing into our tent.

ebi5-143 ebi5-144 ebi5-145 ebi5-146
"Let's Go!" Nao-san said. "We need to push the cars out now." He continued.
Turned out that the race was on! They were going to make a few passes. Only one lane was open and for just a 200m length.
We pushed the cars out of the tent while Wildman went to get Kijimoto-san.

ebi5-147 ebi5-148 ebi5-149 ebi5-150 ebi5-151 ebi5-152
Living Legends in VW racing: Ron Fleming driving the Under Dog. Schley Bros. Paul Schley behind the wheel of the Lightning Bug. Mark and Paul brought the Lightning Bug to Yokohama last December and that kick started their world tour.
Ron Fleming is a Der Kleiner Panzers VW Club in Southern California and is credited as the originator of the Cal Look VW.

ebi5-153 ebi5-154 ebi5-155 ebi5-156 ebi5-157
ebi5-158 ebi5-159 ebi5-160 ebi5-161
While the Lightning Bug got things going by making the first pass, Kijimoto-san in the Moonbug got strapped in.

ebi5-162 ebi5-163 ebi5-164 ebi5-165
The MOONBUG 1st pass ever! 200m pass June 28, 2013 in Chimay, Belgium.

ebi5-166 ebi5-167 ebi5-168 ebi5-169 ebi5-170 ebi5-171 ebi5-172 ebi5-173 ebi5-174 ebi5-175 ebi5-176 ebi5-177
In the lineup was the Inch Pincher III driven by Nao-san of Flat4.

ebi5-178 ebi5-179 ebi5-180 ebi5-181 ebi5-182 ebi5-183
Dyno Don doing his, "BA-BA-BA-BA, BA-BAAAA!" (in high C) The crowd loved it. At one point, he turned towards the camera and did his famous bowing gesture while saying, "MOONEYES!" Such an awesome person and worked non-stop.

ebi5-184 ebi5-185 ebi5-186 ebi5-187 ebi5-188 ebi5-189 ebi5-190 ebi5-191 ebi5-192 ebi5-193 ebi5-194 ebi5-195 ebi5-196 ebi5-197 ebi5-198 ebi5-199 ebi5-200 ebi5-201 ebi5-202 ebi5-203 ebi5-204
Chimay Circuit is a race track so there is no return road. All the cars make a pass, then wait at the opposite end until the session is over and return as a group. Using only one lane, took a little longer but the crowd and drivers were thrilled just to race.

ebi5-205 ebi5-206 ebi5-207 ebi5-208 ebi5-209
ebi5-210 ebi5-211 ebi5-212
After Kijimoto-san returned, Obata-san checked things out, did some fine tuning and got the Moonbug back in the lineup for another pass. Assuming it would take another 30 mintues, I went ot check out the cars in the show area.

ebi5-213 ebi5-214 ebi5-215 ebi5-216 ebi5-217 ebi5-218 ebi5-219 ebi5-220 ebi5-221 ebi5-222 ebi5-223 ebi5-224 ebi5-225 ebi5-226 ebi5-227 ebi5-228 ebi5-229 ebi5-230 ebi5-231 ebi5-232 ebi5-233 ebi5-234 ebi5-235 ebi5-236 ebi5-237 ebi5-238 ebi5-239 ebi5-240 ebi5-241 ebi5-242 ebi5-243 ebi5-244 ebi5-245 ebi5-246

Once I made my way back up to the drag strip, Kijimoto-san had made a third pass. We waited until all the cars were done on last time and parked the Moonbug next to the Lightning Bug tent.

Photo Jun 29, 8 40 24 PM
What a great way to end the day! The Moonbug made three passes, got some time clocked. The motor sounds and runs strong. The car drives straight as an arrow. I think it has a lot of potential.

The next morning, the skies were still very cloudy.

ebi5-249 ebi5-250 ebi5-251 ebi5-252 ebi5-253 ebi5-254 ebi5-255 ebi5-256 ebi5-257 ebi5-258 ebi5-259 ebi5-260 ebi5-261 ebi5-262 ebi5-263 ebi5-264
We walked the entire grounds looking for a Mooneyes Pick. One that we really liked was this Type-1 with Speed Master Wheels. Very nice. The owner commissioned Wildman to paint the panel that covers the wires behind the dash.

On my way back to the Mooneyes tent, I couldn't help but stop for a visit of the off-road section. I could "play" here all day!
ebi5-265 ebi5-266 ebi5-267 ebi5-268 ebi5-269 ebi5-270 ebi5-271 ebi5-272 ebi5-273 ebi5-274 ebi5-275 ebi5-276
I gave them a Mooneyes sticker and they immediately put it on. Then proceeded to show me a lil'action! Thank you!

When I got back to the tent, they were preparing to race so I headed to the drag strip. Obata-san was going to run! I think he made a great pass but there was one problem. We didn't know they opened the lane up to 400m!
ebi5-277 ebi5-278 ebi5-279 ebi5-280 ebi5-281 ebi5-282 ebi5-283 ebi5-284 ebi5-285 ebi5-286 ebi5-287 ebi5-288ebi5-290 ebi5-291 ebi5-292 ebi5-293 ebi5-294 ebi5-295 ebi5-296 ebi5-297 ebi5-298 ebi5-299 ebi5-300 ebi5-301
While the drag races continued, Wildman was busy working. I watched the races for a bit then made my way around the show cars again.

Photo Jun 30, 8 30 34 PM
Shot with the panorama option of the iPhone 5 overlooking some of the show car area.

Photo Jun 30, 8 31 44 PM
This panorama view shows the pit area for the race cars and in the background in one section of the camping area.

The weather started to clear up in the afternoon.

ebi5-303 ebi5-304 ebi5-305 ebi5-306 ebi5-307 ebi5-308 ebi5-309 ebi5-310 ebi5-312 ebi5-313 ebi5-314 ebi5-315
More photos of the event grounds. I finally made my way back to the Mooneyes tent where Wildman was still working!

ebi5-316 ebi5-317 ebi5-318 ebi5-319 ebi5-320
Just before the Moonbug was to make another pass, the car before leaked oil. A good time for pictures!

ebi5-321 ebi5-322 ebi5-323 ebi5-324 ebi5-325
One final pass by the Moonbug!

ebi5-326 ebi5-327 ebi5-328
And one final pass by the Inch Pincher III.

Drag races last round:
ebi5-329 ebi5-330 ebi5-331 ebi5-332 ebi5-333
ebi5-334 ebi5-335 ebi5-336 ebi5-337 ebi5-338 ebi5-339
This buggy from Classic Store got the wheels up real good!

ebi5-340 ebi5-341 ebi5-342 ebi5-343 ebi5-344 ebi5-345
Kijimoto-san snapped a few photos from the far end of the drag strip where they had to wait for the session to end.

ebi5-346 ebi5-347 ebi5-348 ebi5-349 ebi5-350 ebi5-351
Once the Moonbug returned, it was time for the awards and a lot of autographs!

ebi5-352 ebi5-353 ebi5-354 ebi5-355 ebi5-356 ebi5-357 ebi5-358 ebi5-359 ebi5-360 ebi5-361 ebi5-362 ebi5-363 ebi5-364 ebi5-365 ebi5-366
Some of the award cars. The final red Ghia received the biggest trophy of all!

ebi5-367 ebi5-368
ebi5-369 ebi5-370 ebi5-371 ebi5-372 ebi5-373
We chose this super fine 1966 VW Type 2. It was so clean, just perfect! Congratulations!

ebi5-374 ebi5-375 ebi5-376 ebi5-377
Lightning Bug & Crew. Dyno Don also made a great speech.

ebi5-378 ebi5-379 ebi5-380
Final shots. The Inch Pincher III & Moonbug plus one shot with Kijimoto-san & Moonbug.

Photo Jul 01, 12 43 49 AM (HDR)
The event grounds after most vendors left.

ebi5-381 ebi5-382 ebi5-383 ebi5-384
After the awards were finished, the event was over. We headed to the hotel and then made our way to the after dinner party.

ebi5-500 ebi5-386 ebi5-387 ebi5-388 ebi5-389 ebi5-390
We posed with the Directeur of Chimay Beer, Jean Yernaux. Dinner was roasted pig. Delicious!

ebi5-391 ebi5-392 ebi5-393 ebi5-394 ebi5-395 ebi5-396
At the dinner party, Freddy made a speech thanking everyone, Wildman signed more autographs and we all drank beer!

ebi5-397 ebi5-398 ebi5-399 ebi5-400
It gets dark at about 11PM. We left around 10PM as we had to leave early in the morning the following day. Below are some photos from our drive back to Paris.

ebi5-401 ebi5-402 ebi5-403 ebi5-404 ebi5-405 ebi5-406 ebi5-407 ebi5-408 ebi5-409 ebi5-410 ebi5-411 ebi5-412 ebi5-413 ebi5-414 ebi5-415 ebi5-416 ebi5-417 ebi5-418
The town of Chimay is quiet in the morning. The mist/fog sets the mood for a classic European drive although it cleared up. At one point, the speed limit was 130km/h. We made it back to Paris in no time.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. Thank you very much for view my report.
European Bug-In is held every other year in Chimay, Belgium. It is an experience worth doing! Next year at this location will be the European Hot Rod Show! If you get a chance, make your way to Chimay, Belgium!

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