VANS/MOONEYES Shoes / Bonneville 速報

[English version below]

以前にも紹介したVANS/MOONEYES Shoes

Previously introduced and showcased here (several months back),
the VANS Shoes/MOONEYES "MOON-Vans" arrived last week but I must say, the packaging is so cool.
We had received samples from Vans of the shoes so we knew what to expect, even the two sets of Moon-Equipped laces.
However, the shoebox design and its inner lining as well as the shoe-bag we had no idea about and was quite surprised by how cool it looked.
This only means, you must get 1 pair to wear and at least 1, maybe 2 pairs for collecting.


Bonneville 速報
Chico's Bonneville Run Update


18 AUG (Monday)
1st run: Shifting into third gear, the car lost traction.
2nd run: The blower broke!


19 AUG (Tuesday)
3rd run: 180-something mph
4th run: 184.204 mph.


That was enough for a class record speed. Tomorrow, 20 AUG (Wednesday) morning, Chico is set to run the 3 mile course (also known as the return run) and if he manages the speed of the second attempt on the 4th run, that average will be enough to beat the current record of 184.709 mph, which will be a new world record.

When a car is going for a record run the next day (tomorrow) it is impounded the evening before for safe keeping and doesn't go back to the pit area.

Tomorrow is SHOWTIME!
Go! Chico! Go!